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Oddly the 360 shots do make it look like the PS3 version has Super White turned off, but, as the article says, it is actually on.

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Hot. Downloading now.

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They look similar, but Forza 3 is slightly jazzed up in places. Except with the anti-aliasing - Forza 2 has much better power lines, shame on you Turn 10.

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That's the translation site's fault. If you go to the site direct you can actually click the link.

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What are they using to capture the PS3 shots though? The PS3 and 360 shots from this site always look a bit blurred, which makes me think they're using some sort of analogue capture process.

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If you showed GT5:P at 1080p, it'd just show up even more of the imperfections. IF anything they're doing it a favour by capturing at 720p as the downsampling smooths off jaggies and such.

Anyway, resolution is irrelevant - what's clear to see is that Forza has much more detail. But don't be sad or angry - it's OK - GT5 will surely best Forza when it turns up next year.

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Awesome. Best GT5P Vs Forza 3 comparison yet. Forget the fanboy arguments, it's genuinely interesting (for me, anyways) to compare the exact same bits of the track from both games and see the differences.

I can't help but wonder what the inevetable GT5 vs Forza 3 shots are going to look like come March time.

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I don't think PS3 exclusives are that far ahead really. Gears of War 2 is right up there.

Full generation difference? Again, sounds like open zone talk to me.

It amazes me that PS3 owners are still so insecure. It's come so far in the time since launch - probably the most improved console ever - and yet PS3 fans still feel the need to go on and on about PS3 exclusives being so far ahead everything else. Who are you trying to convince, exactly.

And beside...

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Open zone is that way -->

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Nice. So there's a demo of this coming out soon, right?

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Yeah, the old McRae games were awesome.

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That's not very good for GT5 is it? An old license in a new game...

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I'd guess that once again, the 360 was the lead development platform then?

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I was also very surprised by how easy the game was to get into also. Pretty much immediately I found I could kill as much as be killed, which is a first, to be honest.

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Yeah, Virtua Tennis on 360 was 1080p, so the capability is there. We won't be seeing native 1080p for FFXIII though I doubt.

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I'm pretty sure the 360 can do 1080p. Whether or not FFXIII will be running in 1080p on it, remains to be seen, however.

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This game is beautiful. Can't wait.

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The original Gameswire comparison:

This initial comparison was to show that the cars (NOT BACKGROUNDS) of GT5P were very competitive to Forza 3's.

This is an interesting fact and the comparison is entirely valid. It only seems invalid when people start commenting and twisting the meaning of the original ar...

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Heh, bless.

Google the term "bullshot".

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Sadly yes. The final game's screen captures won't quite be up to this standard. I guess we'll find out in March though...

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