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I think this is true to a point.

The fact is, 360 came first, so for ages now it's been the primarily development console for multiformat games, with the PS3 version more often than not being a slightly inferior port.

I can understand this, as the devs are used to working with the 360, but it's not great for PS3, which has proven it has more power, but thanks to the 360 is not reaching its full potential on the majority of multiformat releases.

Perhaps i...

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Love the way they're looking at each other in this shot:

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Well, I wouldn't say 'mistake' per se, I'm sure they know how to spell the word. I'd say it's more of an unfortunate typo. Possibly a result of blindness caused by spending the day capturing over 400 screenshots! :o

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Come on, seriously? Uncharted 2 is amazing. The experience of playing it is second to none. No other game comes close to its story telling, voice acting, set-pieces or graphical ability.

I haven't got into a story-lead game to this degree since Final Fantasy VII.

With so many games getting hyped up and then turning out to be quite flat and samey (Halo 3 ODST), it's great to finally see a game live up to the hype.

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Leaked! Bless!

Footage has been going around for this for ages. The reviews have come out for God's sake...

This is reminding me of all those "RARE!!" games listed on Ebay.

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Probably about $300 - $350 dollars I'd have thought.

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Sayyyy Whaaaaaat?

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Best bundle around at the moment, easily. Sony's going to own this Christmas.

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Turn on Super White? They're press shots you loon.

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Errr, what?

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Reviews are all well and good, but it's nice to see the games' relative detail next to each other.

Well, it is for me anyway.

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I love comparisons. But as for Forza ones...


I won't be clicking the link to the site, in case you're wondering... :)

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This isn't a very good comparison. The images are saved as GIFs and are heavily compressed. Try this one instead:

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I liked it.

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So I guess that's how Blu-rays get copied a thrown up on torrent sites then? I suppose analogue capture doesn't matter so much when you're downgrading for people to download off torrent sites.

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Yeah, those Gamefront shots were just awful. All fuzzy, unclear and washed out. There's no point in doing comparisons if you can't capture actual detail.

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If by 'touch up' you mean 'capture properly' then yeah.

Anyone can see that the Gamefront shots were degraded by poor capture equippment.

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"Go and see for yourself. Then come back here and apologise to everybody for being such a 'tard."


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...fuzzy, drab non-digital shots.

Here's a proper comparison - 24 shots all pure-digital on max settings:

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