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There's nothing admirably artistic about the unnecessary slaughter of innocent characters though. If anything, this IS childish - a childish method of creating controversy to generate sales.

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He's either:

A. Being ironic
B. Merely months away from being featured on the news for shooting up a school before turning the gun on his own anus.

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These shots are pretty crap. Washed out and jpeggy (compressed).

Hopefully we'll actually get some proper shots soon enough.

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Nice. Good job at getting the exact same shots on this one.

So, PS3 version slightly better then.

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Lol, have a +1 agree for having the nerve to say that when you have a profile picture like that. lol

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It's pretty full on for a game. Hopefully no one will show these shots to a certain British tabloid...

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"...from Gamers who idolizes the game to Politicians who detests it..."

Mmkay. Sounds like the author is a bit wasted. Oh...

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Are you serious? Is this the way you think?

You're twelve years old, right?

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depends how good the exclusive turns out to be.

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I was thinking of this as just a small expansion, so no big deal to miss it, but the more I hear about it the more it's becoming a really annoying not to be able to play it as it's much more substantial than just a small expansion.

Hopefully it's just a timed exclusive and it'll turn up on PSN next year sometime.

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Amusingly, my first download wouldn't install.

Second attempt worked though...

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From playing both demos, I'd say Bayonetta is good, but a bit niche to be an all-round 40/40. But this is a Japanese magazine we're talking about here and this is yet another example of why Japanese opinions aren't relevant to Western audiences.

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Many PS2 games came on standard CDs.

Looking over at a torrent site reveals Disgaea 2 is below 700MB, so probably came on CD.

If memory serves, you could tell which PS2 games came on DVD, because they were the ones with reflective surfaces, where CD games were blue.

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Compression only goes so far... hence why some 360 games come on multiple discs.

'Dummy' files are typical in games storage media and from what I can tell exist to make piracy inconvenient.

Pirated copies tend to have to be 1:1 copies, so by enforcing a full-capacity file size you make sure that people would have to spend the maximum time downloading and/or burning a copy.

This would have maximum effect in this day and age: if PS3 gets 'cracked' dummy fi...

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Oh well, at least 360 owners can use any massive external hard drive plugged into the USB slot...

oh wait..

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Probably what's known as a 'dummy' file to bring the overall size up to full capacity.

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Could be worse - a full 25GB Blu-ray install. Imagine that.

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Tut, some people are never happy. ;)

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Hmm, so even the mighty Uncharted 2 isn't perfect... damn.

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