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Screenshots like this are taken from the default output of the console, using a PC capture card.

The TV being used has absolutely no effect on the quality of the screenshots - the shots are captured before the signal has reached the TV.

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Contrast aside, the 360 version has better shading and colour vibrancy.

Only a demo, sure, but this will probably be the case with the finished versions too.

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Haven't you people learned not to trust screenshots from this German site yet? They ALWAYS take crap quality shots, especially of 360 versions. Remember Modern Warfare 2?

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LOL, some people care far too much...

There's people dying the world, FFS.

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I don't know why anyone's surprised this has turned out to be a flop.

Anyone who played the beta could see this wasn't going to live up to the hype.

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PS3 fans are such cry-babies.

Edge gave LBP a 10, which shows they have nothing against the PS3 at all.

The simple fact is, Edge is honest. Another simple fact: PS3 exclusives aren't as good as PS3 owners want them to be.

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These renders were added today... so not a dupe.

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"But you are forgetting. Different engine."

No, I'm taking that into account. The point was, last time Bungie couldn't manage it, so this time, new engine or not, let's not assume.

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These (bull)shots are old. How did this get approved?

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I'd say they were 'target renders'

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Anyone know when it'll actually come out?

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...Wish people would stop using the word 'gate' as a suffix to mean scandal.

Such a cliche.

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Here's some more screenshots. Proper direct-capture ones:

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OK, some facts:

The title of this N4G entry is, "Assassin's Creed 2 Graphic Comparison to Show Bad Textures in Xbox 360 Version". This title hints towards bias more than any of the other sites.

The 360 shots are captured using component and the PS3 using pure digital means. Don't take my word for it, just compare these 360 shots to the 360 shots at Gameswire. You'll see the Gameswire ones are crisper, with more detail. Now, given that it's not possible to a...

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Yeah, totally - sour grapes all the way. By the sounds of it, this article was written out of frustration that his site's Assassin's Creed 2 review was being largely ignored, while an AC2 comparison was burning up N4G.

In fact, it probably goes deeper than that - this is probably frustration built up over time. They've watched comparison after comparison dominate N4G and have seen the sites who do them climb above NowGamer in the Alexa rankings. All the while, Imagine's 'premium'...

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I think many people are so used to defending violence in games, that they simply can't look at this and see it for what it is - a crass, cynical way of creating hype. Wouldn't surprise me if it was actually an official decision to leak the first video of the scene...

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There's telling a story and then there's putting the player in a position where they gun down innocent people. Other games would just give some sort of prelude and describe the crimes, rather than make you go through it. The fact the level can be skipped says how essential this is to the experience, really...

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