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GameStop is Shunning! (to find out what that means, google "Xbox Shun", I won't linkspam)

But seriously, it's in their interest to let customers know what they're getting themselves into. Otherwise you'll have loads of clueless people buying them and then returning them en masse when the restrictions become apparent.

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Anyone who is on Microsoft's side, really deserves everything they get.

Look, it's ok to be an Xbox Fan and love the exclusive Xbox games. True gamers LOVE the Xbox's great games.

But true gamers also see what a BIG DEAL this is. Let's all fight this together - then, once we have our rights back, let's get back to being fanboys.

All intelligent gamers must get on board with this - or the corporate bulldozer wins!

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May prove more suitable on mobile than OUYA, but, free to try and all that.

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So... person on forum phones a few stores and then makes a forum post about it.

ok, next...

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I think OUYA plans to go from Tegra 3, to 4, to 5 etc, and this will be on a yearly cycle at most.

Backwards compatibility will not be an issue. the only issue will be when you start to play new and advanced games on old hardware. At that point, you upgrade. easy.

then, years down the line, your console experience has managed to keep up with advances in tech, but you've not had to do the usual console thing of buying something completely new that needs al...

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It'll be just like iPhone/iPad in the sense that in real terms, most users won't need to upgrade each year. probably every other year.

I get some people don't like this, but I'm fine with it.

I'll just keep playing, until eventually the machine I own starts to chug a bit with the latest releases. Then I'll pay $99 for an upgrade. Not to sound snobby or anything, but $99 is nothing.

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It's early days for OUYA. it started from Kickstarter and without loads of cash to get big AAA games, it's relying on the enthusiasm of indie developers.

It'll remain niche for a while yet, but eventually it will snowball.

And, let's face it, it's a cheap entry price at just $99.

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It's courting the mobile devs at the moment and it's definitely 'from that world', but if it proves itself, the main console publishers could easily get involved.

The fact is, OUYA is a real wildcard right now. It could either be nothing or everything.

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So, OUYA is heading out to Kickstarter backers now, and will be in retail in June...

But what no one seems to want to clarify, is what about people who pre-ordered at just after the kickstarter finished? We were due to get ours April... is that still the case? If so, I guess it'll be late April, with shipments into May...

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That was... surreal.

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People, remember the name - David Garfield

That's: David Garfield


Hey, David Garfield, now's the time to change your name, get a sex change and move to another country. Your reputation is RUINED.

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Hmm, I doubt he'll get his own show. Not without some major rebranding.

For starters, the name "HipHopGamer" doesn't really make proper sense. It sounds like the sort of name that a kid gives themselves because they don't know any better.

What does it actually mean? If you compare the name to, say, "hardcore gamer" then by that comparison HipHopGamer actually implies that the person is Hip Hop as much as he is a gamer. Now, you...

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Ugh. The screenshots on this site are always so grubby.

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When people say "is hacking wrong", it really depends on how hacking is being defined.

True hacking is awesome and not about piracy. It's about skill, discovery, information sharing and education.

Piracy is harmful.

I know many people reading this won't understand what I'm saying, and if that's you, go read Open Source For Dummies.

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Firstly, those screenshots on that site REALLY suck. If the mission was to show how much better the PC looks, this was a fail, because these shots are so grubby everything looked s***.

Secondly, it's a pointless argument. We all know that PCs can be frequently upgraded with more expensive parts than what are found in consoles. So of course - when pushed - PC games will look and perform better than console games...

But it's just not about graphics. Des...

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This quote was taken from an interview that was conducted ages ago, during the pre-release hype.

It's been reported and submitted to N4G before. Months ago in fact.

C'mon, N4G, remove please.

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It's not about who won, but who lost the least.

This was, for me, the most depressing E3 in years.

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Let's be clear, both Move and Kinect are bad for core gamers, in the same way the Wii has mostly been bad for Core gamers.

That said, having watched both conferences, I'd say Move is more practical for actual games and shows Kinect to be very limited.

But yeah, I hate both to be honest and if this sh** is all that gaming is going to offer, then I'm going to sell my consoles and find a new hobby right now. I don't want to jump around to control...

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Everyone knows the fourth platform is iPhone. Nice try lads.

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