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anybody wanna shareplay and help get this beta? much appreciated.

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Bloodborne and Fallout 4. Bloodborne is my favorite game of the year so far.

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alexa is a bitch

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same dude who said ni no kuni 2 would be announced as ps4 exclusive at e3 2015 then vanished and now coming back after people have forgotten.

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Stop misreporting, nothing in that tweet confirms or mentions any kind of livestream, stop writing garbage.

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the art direction is a stark contrast compared to what they did with KZ

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absolutely...that and also people doing dumb stuff.

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PT would leave me a coma

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Probably not, i predict a small tease at gamescom and maybe a trailer at playstation experience

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absolutely and for how big the series was, it's mediocrity is leaving a big hole for sony's flagship lineup. A hole that Bloodborne seems to filling quite generously. GG needs to make a comeback, they are way too talented.

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Vanquish was amazing

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lol havent gotten there yet but i know what you mean

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First timers will likely miss this strategy but even so, it's hard to pull off when hes beasting all up in your kitchen

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Agreed, what a way to introduce someone to Bloodborne.

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its unbelievable

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will pick this up

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i agree, whats not mentioned is some games overstay their welcome. Some games are bit too long and if not paced right, you start to feel it hang a little but the order hopefully moves at a brisk pace. But i guess people prefer longer, dragged out games then short but brisk games that use time wisely like a good film or book.

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how did you find it "not fun" if you haven't played it yourself? This is really upsetting and unfair to the order.

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This game is going to separate the gamers from the true game enthusiasts. Those that will see this game for what it is, no matter duration just for the story and experience and those that will not bother because it doesn't cater to their whims by not having MP or 20hr playthrough. We will see who sees gaming as art and who sees it as time killer.

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i have a feeling this title will surprise.

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