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next year? if they do the live orchestra again, can totally see it and the crowd would go nuts

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I wouldn't say overrated but Sony knew they were gonna kill it, they basically went out there last year with a royal flush. This year, they could have coasted but instead they were aggressive when they didn't need to be and outdid last year.

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wow didn't realize the disdain crash in here, you guys don't think a crash in 2016-2017 would be fun?

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well, sony does have a reputation of being late to conferences lol

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@naruga that theory that Agent morphed into another game is interesting but if it did, i'm pretty sure LA Noir was the result of that and not gta v

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um could you like not jinx it pls? Crash is coming and the graphics will be like ratchet and clank.....hnnnnnnng!

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Beautifully said. Here here! Still mixed feelings on the Scotland portion tho....

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The quieter moments were just like the moments in TLOU, next naughty dog game will probably have even more.

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anybody wanna shareplay and help get this beta? much appreciated.

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Bloodborne and Fallout 4. Bloodborne is my favorite game of the year so far.

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alexa is a bitch

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same dude who said ni no kuni 2 would be announced as ps4 exclusive at e3 2015 then vanished and now coming back after people have forgotten.

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Stop misreporting, nothing in that tweet confirms or mentions any kind of livestream, stop writing garbage.

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the art direction is a stark contrast compared to what they did with KZ

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absolutely...that and also people doing dumb stuff.

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PT would leave me a coma

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Probably not, i predict a small tease at gamescom and maybe a trailer at playstation experience

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absolutely and for how big the series was, it's mediocrity is leaving a big hole for sony's flagship lineup. A hole that Bloodborne seems to filling quite generously. GG needs to make a comeback, they are way too talented.

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Vanquish was amazing

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lol havent gotten there yet but i know what you mean

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