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To me that boy toy is incredibly sexist. I imagine a game like that for men with the woman running around trying to please an increasingly angry man would have the feminazi's up in arms about domestic abuse and the portrayal of women.

The sad thing is women live by cosmo and if this is how they are telling women that they should act and be treated well, it explains my last GF.

But what do you expect from chick lit.

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Seems like it.
Good choice

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The SDF have ACTIVATED in force today.

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You're just proving him right.
Love how you're all accusing him of being biased and not calling out 360 fanboys (What about ninty fanboys?) then saying 360 fanboys are the worst trying to act like you're the victim and PS3 fanboys are innocent.

You don't even acknowledge PS fanboys.

Tell me if it was an article about 360 fanboys would you be saying the same thing?
No, you'd be loving it.

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Hey guys just come out of the closet already.
Clearly seeing homosexual overtones in games and then the hostility to them only shows us you're trying to fight some internal battle inside you between the lie you're living now (pretending to be straight) with your true nature (being gay and suppressing it).

This is the 21st century and it's ok for you two to be gay.
No-one will judge you and if they do they're bigots who are insecure about themselves.

Or it...

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And in how many games, films, music videos, soaps etc do they show a woman slapping, punching, kicking, kneeing their partner or potentional love interest?

Bit of a double standard.

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Cant get the pics to load on IGN but they do look like the ones from the official website.
If they can get the graphics to be slightly better than the RL world cup edition on the PC then they will look alright.

I guess I'll know when I buy this.

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I'm glad there's another Rugby game coming out but I'd prefer a HD game.
It's not like they would have to give it this gen graphics, Ashes 09 didn't.

Will be buying this regardless.

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Hew Newton when your comment is asking why certain players aren't on the UK cover and all but one don't even play in the UK your last line sums your point up perfectly.

Why can't the cover be reserved for only Players in UK leagues or shock horror only English players.

They wouldn't do that for region specific covers in other big Footballing nations. They probably would be assassinated in some of those if they put a foreigner on the cover regardless if he played in t...

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He doesn't even play in the UK so why have him on the UK cover?

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Well having English players in the English league for the English version of the Game of an English sport sort of makes sense.

Kaka and Ronaldo play for Real Madrid
and Messi plays for Barcelona
Why should they be on the UK cover?

(I do realise this is the UK version and not just English but was just illustrating my point about not having foreigners from foreign leagues on the cover)

I wouldn't expect there to be English players on the cover ...

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^It seems Sony fans who have a go at MS for doing it are saying its ok for sony to do it but not MS.

Also are you admitting sony do it by claiming the other person thinks its ok for MS to do it but not anyone else.

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So this despite using all different tech is a rip off the eye toy?
If you're going to use such bad logic like that then you should say the eyetoy it a rip off a webcam with software, or the dreameye but that would be true.

And how is this going after the Wii's audience but -$ony's motion controller, a direct rip off the wiimote isn't?
Spin Spin Spin.

This uses full body motion without the need for any physical controlle...

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Boston how does any of that prove the 360 has been maxed out which was your original point?

Using a dictionary ref to prove your already tenuous point shows desperation.
Or do you think I am so stupid I don't know what clinical means when you're the one twisting the use of the word and the context it was taken in to illustrate your point?
So you do agree by using the WHOLE quote that you admit you was deliberately misleading everyone nitpicking the first few words of ...

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They don't compare the graphics of all four games just Forza 2 and 3 and say it doesn't quite match GT5 Prologue's near-photorealism.

But the main comparison is between Forza 2 and 3.
You said
"It only draws half the cars. And the material shaders are simply inferior as everything looks like it's made of just the same one or two materials."

Sounds like you're down playing to me.
Then read the rest of your dissection of Forzas graphics. All...

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And do you have any proof of that boston or is it what you wish to be true?

""less clinical" (read: insipid, dull and lifeless)"
No that's what YOU read into it.
What you read and the truth are clearly two different things. Take how you read the article as proof if you want.

Now I know you're a sony fanboy you lying mess.
Here's the full quote
"Forza 3 looks a little less clinical that its predecesso...

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I was going to post a comment in this thread about the article but then I realised its a 360 thread so only the SDF are allowed to post here.

I was going to post some facts but then I realised I don't own a PS3 and this being an SDF thread with me not being a member of the SDF that means only FUD and lies can be posted here.

I was going to post something to contribute to the discussion but then I read the post in here and realised the only thing that's welcome here i...

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Relax, its the SDF hijacking another 360 thread on N4G.
Must be saturday.

Yes, the eye toy can do the same thing but better.
The reason it hasn't is because...

no answer?
If it could it would have.

Have you checked their website to see what this can do?
Its not going to replace the joypad and anyone who's trying to claim ms is trying to claim that must own a ps3.

Watch the gesture based control of windows, but I know ...

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If this game is region free I'll be getting the american version when it's out.

Hopefully it is as I will have quite a few games to play on my 360 around oct. when forza, halo, AC2 come out.

A disagree?
So I wont be getting the american version when it's released and I don't wish it's region free as I wont be playing forza, halo, and AC2 after oct?

Hey coward please tell me what I will be doing or why my comment deserved a disag...

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