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Sony fantrolls are so stupid and pathetic.

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Alan Wake takes a HUGE dump all over this last-gen crapfest. This is basically Shattered Memories 2.0, and STILL looks like a Wii port. Homecoming was garbage as well. The SH franchise has been irrelevant since SH2.

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...did a pathetic, obnoxious fantroll like you get an extra bubble? :o

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Only a COMPLETE N00B didn't figure this out day 1 by themselves. So sad.

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When they announced UT3 for PS3/PC, there was all the talk about how the PS3 was more "open" than the 360, and that's why they had no timetable on UT3 for 360...blah, blah, blah...."

Sony fanboys ran wild with the news, proclaiming anything from the death of the 360, to Gears coming to the PS3...or even Gears 2 being PS3 exclusive. I remember it all too well.

The funny thing is....once UT3 came out, PS3 owners ignored it....and EPIC jum...

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....just like the idiots that approved it for submission.


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More garbage from PS3 fanboy websites. How original.

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Take Kinetic and Connect, and take out the last 4 and first 4 letters of the two words, respectively, and what do you get? Kinect. It's really not rocket science, dude. :o

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...does N4G allow submission of so many useless foreign language articles?? The translation is NEVER good, and most of these sites are loaded with so many ads and flash crap, even Firefox can't weed it all out effectively. Most of the time, these garbage sites don't even load properly.

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You have NO CONCEPT of what "live stream" means, do you? So sad. :o

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... Gallagher was scheduled to a Kinect "Sledge-O-Matic" bit, but backed out at the last minute. Apparently there were several hundred black people there...and he only brought watermelons to smash. :p

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No, not "as well".....MS spends ZERO TIME talking about sales #s at E3. Sony and Nintendo spend MOST of their conferences on sales #s and stroking their massive egos....MS is all about the games and the "show".

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"The real problem was they could only really experience that at the cinema, and they'd sit there with these red and blue glasses on and look pretty silly amongst other people. Technology has changed, and that's what's really happened." it hasn't. You STILL have to wear crappy glasses. :o

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Rogue Warrior, and then AVP....their next project could decide whether their doors are closed forever. Don't expect FF2.

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MOST of the games on that list HAD sequels...even if they didn't have a "2/II" or whatever in the title.

How about listing games that were 1-offs, that really deserved a sequel?? Here's my list:

- Beyond Good & Evil (Damn you Ubi, if 2 really is canned)

- Voodoo Vince (awesome and funny XBOX platformer)

- OddWorld: Stranger's Wrath (Another XBOX-only gem. Had nothing to do with the Oddworld Abe gam...

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If, like HDMI and 1080p, 3-D becomes a standard/included feature in MOST TVs....and as a result, the cost continues to come way down...people will be trying out 3-D, just out of curiosity. But for me....and I'm sure a LOT of really has more to do with the (currently) required glasses. I have perfect vision (and I'm 39), and HATE watching movies in 3-D, because of the shltty Elvis Costello glasses...or worse...they require you to wear. I can never get accustomed to them,...

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Standing next to a 360, the PS3 would indeed be inferior. :)

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I've got a PS3, and I have the WiFi adapter for my 360. I only use WiFi for the rare occasions I have to move one of them to our bedroom if my wife is studying in the living room or wants to watch some Netflix or something (PC is hooked up to the living room TV).

WiFi is useless for MP gaming, or even Netflix HD movie streaming...2 things I do A LOT OF with my 360. I use the ethernet ports 95% of the time on BOTH consoles...MUCH better connection.

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WTF does a kiddie JapRPG for the DS have to do with Gearbox's long-awaited A:CM game??? NOTHING...that's what.

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Yeah....just like YOUR MOM. :)

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