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Yeah, just try and sue Microsoft, a multi-billion dollar company with hundreds of lawyers. See what happens.

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I know, it's like when the ps2 had over 100 million sales and ALL of those people bought the ps3 DAY ONE and it got 100 million sales at launch right? It's not like they "vanished"? right? /s

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*cough* power glove *cough*

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In what? Price?

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Lol at all the trolls, I'll just be sitting here with my 100+ hours on MH3U.

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*cough* lower brightness *cough*

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Haha, how I love sarcasm and the- wait, he's SERIOUS?! WTF?

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Yeah, that would've worked when their only competition for online was Xbox live. Now we have Nintendo network and I'm sure the Steambox will also have free online.

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Hatsune-Miku must be orgasming.

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You have to remember, He also releases games for the xbox and playstation. So calling out the flaws of their versions of implementing touch-control wouldn't exactly be good for business either.

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