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"Something, something Darkside"


Next-gen features for the first exclusive next-gen FPS game ever.

Sounds fantastic. #1

Greater octopus than you. #1
What about the many F2P online only games heading to PS4? Planetside 2 ring a bell?

I keep seeing this push to convince people online will somehow be better on the bone but there's absolutely no rational reason why it should be.

@Solar: well, that's like, your opinion, maaaaaan.

Also PS2 was just an example there are plenty more exclusive (or timed/on pc) online titles coming to PS4 that showcase the network as an awesome place... #1.3.1
I find it quite funny, the fact Microsoft need to tell people you can play your games either online or offline is hilarious.

On a more serious note these 'ads' (are they even ads or infomercials?) don't do much to sell the console. At this point in time they should be selling features not still cleaning up earlier PR mess. #1
Considering the bone will only release in 13 countries in November you'd think they'd have much more consoles available. Why aren't they way ahead of PS4? Very straaaaange.

edit: oh you edited, but yes I totally agree. #1.1
Everyone knows that preorders for new consoles always sell out. The difference won't be seen until probably the beginning of next year.

My guess, as always, is that the cheaper console will sell more. Pretty simple concept really. #2

The first game was excellent. #1
Did misterXmedia write this?

Somebody with some tech know how explain this crap. #1
This gif has never been more appropriate... #2
One of the few next gen launch titles built from the ground up for a next gen system and it shows, superb. #4
There's nearly 20 years of heritage behind the Playstation brand now. People have been playing the best games on Playstations since 1995 and can look forward to yet another great generation with PS4.

So many great memories, so many great experiences. #1
I just think it's a bit crap that you can't have your own backgrounds, I'm allowed to have an opinion.

Plus you don't know what my intentions are or what the definition of trolling is apparently. #1.11.1
So you can't even have your own background? #1
MS took advantage of Sony's many misteps at the beginning of this gen and managed to do very well. I agree that it's a little bittersweet since technically they still sold the least amount of consoles. Maybe next gen will be the gen of the Xbox? #3
I keep hearing rumours that it's 1080p on PS4 but only 720p on the bone, this isn't helping them. #3
MS got away with fleecing us for propriatary accessories, battery packs and such last gen because they had the cheaper console.

With the bone being $100 more expensive it kind of feels like an insult now. #1
The black tusk logo looks like Hades from GoW3

http://images1.wikia.nocook... #3
Not an argument, it's an opinion and a dodgy one. #3.3.1
I bet PS fans said something similar near the end of the PS2 gen. #3.2.1
You're barking up the wrong tree if you're trying to find hypocrisy here.

I take anything that ANY PR mouthpiece says with a pinch of salt. In this case I was commenting on the motivasion for what he said and not what he actually said. #5.1.1
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