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NG2 was by far the worst NG game

NGS2 was 10x better

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Asus makes the best mobos hands down

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MGS3 subsistence is my #1

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it get better ad better

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cool story bro

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they focus it on making it less of a button masher

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who cares

the important thing is that they both blaze at a super smooth 60 fps

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just a few moments before there was an article on how M$ is dying

Windows 7 is selling like hotcakes, Xbox 360 is doing great, Windows 7 phone just released last week and already has 5% of the phone market

jesus j christ

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wow a phone that came out last week already has 5% of market

how does anything change the fact the Windows 7 is the fastest selling and suspected to be the most use OS ever

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last year when windows 7 released it became the fastest selling OS in history

the xbox 360 is doing great

windows phone is looking good

whats the problem

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One of the best devs out there, made the best action game last gen (Ninja Gaiden), and one of the best fighting game franchises (Dead or Alive)

The new president of Tecmo made a stupid move by not for-filling his promises and being greedy by not paying the team for their work.

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plz answer

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it will be patched up for PC in a few weeks anyways

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