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Thanks :) just getting tired of people making shit up without knowing all the facts. I mean nobody complied with .Hack was four games, or Xenosaga for that matter. But Final Fantasy VII OH NO lets go on a riot. Most of these people also forget the fact that they wanted a REMAKE, if you wanted things to stay the same you should have asked for a REMASTER. Two completely different things. #39.1.1
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Oh look another article that doesn't know all the facts. Just another writer praying on what a lot of people are upset, and fearing. I'm going to wait for the facts before I start making things up to just to keep the hate train going. #39
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Interestingly I never encountered the frame rate dropping to said 17 frames per second not that I have a counter that tells me what the frames are. I only encountered frame drops when A LOT of stuff was exploding on screen and then it was only for a couple of seconds. #1.1
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The recommended level is around 65 but trust me you will need a much higher level then that #5.1
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The game was doomed when they added three more studios to work on it. #18
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Are you kidding me, Square didn't announce anything this story was taken from GameInformer and not even linked, not linked I am hoping because GameInformer pulled the story. Give credit where it's due next time #15
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