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More like 20 seconds. Mine was in the middle of processing a payment and just out of nowhere they cancel my payment and tell me it's all sold out. How do you cancel a payment when it's on the middle of processing it. Absolute bullshit. Never buying from them again.

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Yes im sure they all screamed wanting better hardware and less software.....

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He didn't have a problem having timed exclusive content back on the 360 when Xbox was the leading console. What a salty, bitter man he's become. Blame others for your own lack of actual software.

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The mods are trash as well. They really like to pick and choose their favorite site and provide no real guidelines of what can be put on the site and what can't. They make it up as they go.

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No where in this article does it talk about a hidden boss. Nice click bait title.

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Really Abriael? You failed my news story because it mentioned XCOM but not Bully or Manhunt and then you went and made your own story and posted it on here. Very classy man very classy. Abriael ladies and gentleman, the guy who reports your stories so he can post them himself.

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Thanks :) just getting tired of people making shit up without knowing all the facts. I mean nobody complied with .Hack was four games, or Xenosaga for that matter. But Final Fantasy VII OH NO lets go on a riot. Most of these people also forget the fact that they wanted a REMAKE, if you wanted things to stay the same you should have asked for a REMASTER. Two completely different things.

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Oh look another article that doesn't know all the facts. Just another writer praying on what a lot of people are upset, and fearing. I'm going to wait for the facts before I start making things up to just to keep the hate train going.

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Interestingly I never encountered the frame rate dropping to said 17 frames per second not that I have a counter that tells me what the frames are. I only encountered frame drops when A LOT of stuff was exploding on screen and then it was only for a couple of seconds.

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The recommended level is around 65 but trust me you will need a much higher level then that

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The game was doomed when they added three more studios to work on it.

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Are you kidding me, Square didn't announce anything this story was taken from GameInformer and not even linked, not linked I am hoping because GameInformer pulled the story. Give credit where it's due next time

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