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It'll overtake Wii U at the very least, what it does on top of that is a mystery at the moment. #1.1.8
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I'm really pissed off wth this announcement, because it means I would have to buy a brand new 3DS just to play some of the new games. That's absolute bullshit, and I will not buy it out of principle. #1.1.2
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Ddos is not a hack, it's just a server overload. #3
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You haven't made a movie in years, how do you still have money? #3.2
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I don't even care if it's for PS4, just make Lost Odyssey 2, it might be the only thing that gets me to buy an Xbox One at this rate. #1.1.8
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He basically says that the value is lessened because there's no triple A games. I partially agree, but I also understand that:

1. PS4 and Vita have got hardly any games to offer AAA games, and there is mostly only Indie titles.
2. You can't give a AAA game every single month and maintain profitability.
3. That 1 & 2 may change over the course of the next year. #1.1.11
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But Shadow of Mordor... #1.1
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What it needs is a ring of light when the console powers up, and then it flashes red when there is some sort of failure. Then it would be complete.


Seriously though, I don't like the concept, it doesn't have any resemblance to the original design, and it should have some resemblance. #1.1.3
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I like the technical aspect of it, hopefully Sony gets it as a PS+ title and I'll give it a go. #1.2
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Dick Smith is a major retailer in Australia, its not just some guys name #1.1.2
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I think Fillion's personality matches well too. #4.1
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Might not be the case now because they recently announced everything that was behind the pay wall is no longer behind the paywall, because they have lost ground to PS4. #1.1.1
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Exactly. If this ever gets to the point where it is some sort of game (at the moment it's just some environments and static monsters), Nintendo will get it taken down. This is the one thing I hate about Nintendo, they could have made a 3D Pokemon by now if they really wanted to, but they keep doing minor progressions and stifle the franchise continuously. I love the Pokemon games, but the fact that they were 2D 18 years ago, and are still pretty much 2D now (3DS versions are again, just a... #1.1
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Sounds like a Dad shouting at his kids. #1
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@Chris12 & Imalwaysright - They specifically made sure that they never mentioned the word "timed" or made any mention of a duration, and it seems like they told Square they couldn't say anything either in their deal. There have been plenty of games announced as timed exclusives previously, at both Sony and MS conferences, and the wording has always been "first on PlayStation" or "first on Xbox". In this instance they decided to specifically try and deceiv... #1.1.16
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@Software_Lover - The bigger issue here is that MS specifically tried to deceive people with the wording they used. Then had to back track to say it was timed exclusive. If it was full exclusive, it would still be annoying to many fans of the franchise because a lot of the fans are on PC and PS platforms, and they most likely outnumber the fans on Xbox.

Bayonetta 2 was announced as a full exclusive, and again people were really annoyed because it was multiplatform previously.... #1.1.4
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Destiny at the Sony conference was the perfect example, because they specifically mentioned the word 'timed' several times because they know that a lot of their fan base is on Xbox. Square should have known that the wording used in the conference wouldn't go down well, and I honestly believe MS is to blame as they have used this sort of tactic before. #4.2.5
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I really like the Death of the Tomb Raider one, just really well designed. #2
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If its digital only, its more likely that they want the 70/30 revenue split rather than the low return on retail sales. #1.1.6
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@above - "insiders" happened and proved yet again they know absolutely nothing, now the insiders will say something along the lines of "they were going to announce the games, but they weren't ready". Seriously, these insiders are just liars, they make some lucky, but mostly obvious guesses and people believe their lies. #1.1.6
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