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Simple reason is that it looks bad when their competitors are doing better, and they don't want it to affect their share price. So as long as they are making a profit from the business, that's what they want to try and focus on, because the sales numbers are atrocious compared to last gen.

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Hopefully Detroit Become Human is more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls

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Can't wait for God of War!!!

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I'm torn on this because on the one hand, I can see if you've never owned an Xbox, buying an Xbox One X is a no-brainer, however there are no games that require an XOX, so I just don't see the point??

Same with the PS4 Pro, I think it would be nice to upgrade my PS4, but at the end of the day it plays every game my PS4 plays so I don't have a burning need to upgrade it.

Plus, Sony is probably developing a PS5 now which will make XOX out o...

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Darksiders is awesome though, especially first one.

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I think what they are trying to do is to have a mid-generation cycle. So they don't release their consoles at/around the same time as playstation. E.g. if PS5 releases 2019, then Xbox Two releases 2021 but the Xbox One X gets a lot of the PS5 multi-platform games at a lower resolution. It would be tough to swallow, but it means their later console would be more powerful.

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Bit of a stupid article title because it is something that technically is not possible. Console specs are relatively static (there is some leeway to improve visuals later on in the cycle with better coding), however PC specs are always changing. There's always a better graphics card coming out which means you can never catch up.

At the very most, all we can hope for is to match PC specs for a period of time. The real advantage of consoles are the exclusives they have.

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Totally forgot about that feature!

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Yep definitely, a lot of improvements over the first one.

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Yeah they did a similar thing with Nathan where his trousers got wet when he went in the water etc, this sort of attention to detail is impressive imo.

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Crisper, but I'm not sure it's worth the purchase

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Yeah I would have guessed March 2018, but could be November 2017 if they're struggling for games in the holiday, which they are unlikely to be.

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Horizon is out finally!!!

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My favourite FF is FF8, love every bit of it

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Couldn't wait to get this game, really great IP

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Probably but that's most likely the way these types of franchises will go

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I don't agree tbh but I don't find Monster Hunter that interesting either, the whole "kill monsters on a mission" thing is a little lost on me. If it was an open world, where the story continued i.e FFXV style, I would have probably liked them more

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Huge games this month, can't wait for FF

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I think there's no doubt that PS3 sold at a quicker pace for the most part compared to the Xbox 360, especially worldwide, but I think Sony, and many fans expected it to far surpass the PS2, which it didn't really.

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Maybe they are only emailing those who won't receive it day one?

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