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I never had the instant RROD like many people had, but did go through 3 Xbox 360s (were repaired by MS). They didn't repair the last one, so bought one for relatively cheap that had the extended heatsink which has been fine since.

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Lol. I laughed when I heard they were going to make Pacman into a movie, which wasn't exactly true, because it was Pixels. But it was a surprisingly good and funny film

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Slim pickings this month tbh

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No, just no.

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Still bigger than a PS4, just give me exclusives and I'll buy one

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Reminds me of the Order 1886, hopefuilly its not a hack n slash

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Sucks about RiME, apparently the whoe trailer was faked gameplay, sucks, because it looked awesome! Otherwise this would be somethjing i would've expected at E3.

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Really well written and entertaining read.

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Hopefully the jump from Watchdogs 1 to 2 is the same as Assassins Creed 1 to 2. So glad they got rid of Aiden Pearce.

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Zelda, followed by Zelda, followed by Zelda? This is depressing.

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Wait...this is tomorrow?! Thanks for the notice!

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst easily going to be the best game this month.

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Yeah, Sony at 2am again :(. MS' and Sony's should be at normal times, and Nintendo's if they did a proper one

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Yeah, surprised by this. PSP was awesome, I loved it, much better than Vita for software.

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I agree in a sense. New games matter more to me than old games I've already played. Not to say it isn't useful or a good feature, but I prefer new features over BC

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Borderlands 2 also had a bazillion guns, but it seems like I managed to pick up exactly the same one a bazillion times.

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Could just be getting rid of stock for some space, but would be excited to see the 1.5 sooner. Might convince me to get one!

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Can't wait for Ratchet & Clank, will be nice to play an old school platformer again

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whoaaaaaaaaaa hooooooooooooooo!

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It's a great game, but they need some guidance on making it more interactive. I have no doubt that a sequel will be infinitely better though.

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