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lol @ Playstation Notworking

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So I assume Nintendo isn't pushing digital distribution? Because 8gb is nothing these day...

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Not as good as Dragon Rising.

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There's a whole bunch of pretentious arseholes in here. It's a joke. Has it really affected you that this is on the front page? What hard lives you must lead, especially when articles intended to be taken as a joke appear on the front page. You poor, poor people. I'm sure the owner of the site is writing an apology to the N4G community as we speak...

Get over it. It made me giggle because I fell for it. I'm sure the site owner is sorry that their articl...

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No, it's looking to cure cancer. WTF do you think?

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People are still making PSP games?

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Did you just analyse an article that's meant to be a joke? You think too much. Or you're just a really angry person.

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About the same except for:

RE4 at No. 1. Bump every other game up to RE4 down a spot.

RE was also a fantastic remake. Highly recommended.

Killer7 is so underrated and underappreciated.

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Pretty much. I've written a number of articles on this. See my profile (hate to whore myself here). But I'm actually turned of MS. I'm really disappointed, because for a moment I genuinely believed they cared about their core fanbase, and I would always stick up for them, particularly on here.

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I used to love my Xbox and hated when people called Microsoft "M$".

Now I'm the opposite.

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I agree with this. I work within the industry and the amount of "journalists" I see sucking up to PR, even building personal relationships with them, is a disgrace. There is no journalistic integrity in the industry. There is major corruption. IGN is the biggest culprit of them all. I have IGN editors on my FB profile and I see them going out and getting drunk with EA, Ubisoft etc. PR. How can they write an unbiased review when they're in a personal relationship with these...

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A shot as in a needle shot *slap*

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I agree. I think that people just automatically associate FPS with COD. There is really little similarities in how the two games are played. I don't see how someone could make the comparison aside from the core mechanics (which are the same in every FPS).

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Poor pussy.

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Move is great with this game.

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yeah but k1n3ct is m1cr0$ft, n m1cr0$ft = lam3

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It's funny how Kerrby, the adult equivalent of a toddler with bowel problems, flames every MMGN article on here and calls MMGN shit, even though he was so angry and displeased when he was banned from the forums for being a complete ass. You can't call a website shit after you cry like a little girl from getting banned from it. Sour grapes, much? So which is it; either you love MMGN, or you hate it? You must love it. Shall I post all the comments you made to admin regarding your b...

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I think Kinect has essentially added another 4-5 years shelf life for the 360. It's going to sell 5 million by the end of the year. Throw in roughly 1-2 million more 360's sold, plus PS3 moving consoles over Christmas, and it heats up even more. It's a great time to be a gamer really. 2011 is going to be big, especially for PS3 with so many great exclusives. 360 also has plenty going for it.

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