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This is not one consumer selling one used game, or a bunch of games that are a year old.

It is retail taking full advantage of the market strength of a product, under-valuing the purchasing price of it, and then marking up the used product to make a considerable profit.

If Modern Warfare 3 launches, a publisher should expect that every first-time buyer of the game is buying a new copy, but a used copy of the game that has fetched the retailer more revenue tha...

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Wanker.. Cool story bro!

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So says the American with the squirmy, obnoxious voice that everyone outside of America hates...

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Yeah, I missed a shitload of titles at E3...

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It's actually an article consisting of user content and contributions, which is what mmgn is: user driven. It's predictions, from gamers. See heading. I don't think this site claimed it as fact? Again: heading. And "unknown"? Small sites get so much crap, all for simply providing commentary and opinion. No one is holding a gun to your head to read this. It's simple trying to incite discussion, ie. What are YOUR predictions? Stop being a pretentious ass, instea...

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Read the article.

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i lol'd

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But then what would be exclusive about it?

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If you want access to an exclusive community, you generally have to pay or provide some sort of investment. If there is no restriction on entry, it's not exclusive. That is the purpose of Call of Duty Elite. An exclusive community.

I have no drive to join Bungie's community because it's not exclusive. My stats are there, sure, but anyone can join. It's open to everyone, anything, anywhere. It's not exclusive.

You're paying for exclusiv...

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Guys, no one is holding a gun to your head. They are attempting to create an exclusive community. If it were free, what would separate it from the main community? The objective is to create an exclusive community. If you're willing to pay, you're willing to be part of that.

They're essentially saying, "Here is an exclusive community. We know Bungie has a similar one, but ANYONE can join that. We want this exclusive. If you love COD and want to get aw...

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Yeah I agree. I wouldn't be completely surprised if they mentioned it, but I wouldn't see the point unless they were planning to release it before Dec 2012.

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The article linking to that was written pre-MW3 announcement.

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I really hope it does...

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This article doesn't actually attempt to conclude who will win. Just weighs up what each will show and asks for members to vote who they are most excited to see at E3.

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And what exactly does BF3 show that is "new", besides improved graphics engine?

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I can't believe how friggin' long it takes to find a match with actual players.

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Its rarity and infamous nature makes it valuable. It essentially defines EA's fall from grace in the basketball game market. It will increase in worth.

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It's not doomed, because we've all seen how processing tech doesn't automatically dictate whether a console will be successful or not.

See the Wii.

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