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Me too. God damn I loved TS2 so much. FP too.

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Argh, terrible game. Thanks for the video review.

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The article links directly to a news piece that quotes exactly that, and the article never at any point claims that developers or publisher will reap the rewards, so I'm not sure why you've bothered to ring that up.

It is commentary on Sony's inability to acknowledge the service's problems, and how it took the PSN outage to grab their attention. That quote PROVES that.

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? Not directly about PSN, but rather about how Sony is approaching the service AFTER the event. Plenty of talk on the outage still in the news and commentary from within the industry on a daily basis.

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Please ignore the report. I have reported the user to the mod team. This article is not "old" and is based on topical, recent event, news and quotes.

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So do I. But I know that when I first played BC2 (my first BF game online. Shame, I know), I wasn't really sure how to approach the classes.

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COD haters out in droves.

They wouldn't do this if the market wasn't strong enough. Everyone needs to stop bitching. if you don't like it, turn away!

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I think they're fine. I get plenty of enjoyment out of the genre, and as long as games like Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite etc. keep getting released, there is a good balance between story-driven and multiplayer-driven experiences. People (snotty, pretentious gamers) need to stop bitching.

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Definitely man. Can't friggin wait!

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I played Spec Ops at E3. It's looking great. A big improvement on previous Spec Ops mode. Can't wait!

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Bahaha, that's true :P Just Dance 2 was Wii's highest selling third-party title... *facepalm* Decent game though...

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Well yeah, obviously. MMGN is an open platform for anyone to write articles, so everything here is opinion. There is a question at the bottom of the article asking for opinions and thoughts, and other blogs discussing it.

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This is a follow-on from this article:

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I think a lot have missed the point of this article. Author is not really saying one is better than the other, just merely highlighting how Microsoft probably has the edge overall up to this point, but that in banking and relying on the success of untried and unknown Kinect exclusives, Sony's 2011 and onwards looks more promising on the exclusives front. The agenda has changed for MS, and so the days of Halo + Gears + Forza + Fable + Crackdown + Mass Effect + Project Gotham all in one y...

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I just think that at this point Durkin has a point, and sales most definitely don't mean anything. But 2011 onwards, Xbox has nothing except for a few Kinect exclusives no one knows anything about.

This isn't actually a flaming article in any regard, it just kind of comments that MS going forward is banking a lot on Kinect exclusives, where Sony's first party list looks, well, outstanding, especially in comparison.

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PC is included in the article?

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There's also a discussion on the forums if anyone is interested:

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FYI, the same site has written a preview for the Uncharted beta and praised it.

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