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I just have to disagree. I love Forza, but it's showed me how misrepresented "sim" and "racer/game" are. GT5 is a driving sim. Forza is an arcade racing sim, a true blend between realistic driving and arcade progression and competitiveness. They are both, at their core, two different experiences imo. Their similar scope is what causes people to compare them. They're both massive racing games with unlocks and licensed cars, so there comes the comparison. One... #1.1
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Yeah I get that, but I think PC is a different market to consoles? Maybe not quite as accessible or appealing to the casual market, hence why it's not factored in the article. The PC community is really driven by the hardware, which is not always affordable for someone that would be purchasing a console 5-6 years into its life cycle. If I wanted to get the best out of BF3 PC experience, I'm going to want a decently-priced PC that probably wouldn't be considered "affordable... #1.1
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Only messing around :P but it's not really perfect unless it's a perfect score :P reviewers seem hesitant to give a game a perfect score, but still feel comfortable in calling it perfect. I don't really see an issue with it because games should be reviewed in a different capacity to film, but it makes me giggle every time.

Good read nonetheless. Best Gears in the series. #2.1.1
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"The essence of perfection"

Score: 9.5/10 #2
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*good games #1.1
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The same? My Player has gotten a COMPLETE working over, ball physics have been improved, as have animations and graphics.

Let's also not forget NBA's Greatest, which is the Jordan mode from NBA 2K11, times 100. #9
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I could write a thesis on how much I agree with this post. Just had a colleague interview Tom Willits, who is in Aus to promote Rage, and he thinks prices here are just outrageous. #1.1
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Updated with #2
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nice. i might watch on home. #1
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Australian time. AEST. #1.2
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Why not? You read IGN? Gamespot? They're all random dudes...

Everyone is a random dude. Unless you know everyone? Are you Aston Kutcher? #1.7.1
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"Video game media"? No such thing. It's just gamers that know how to start blogs mostly. Some of them are great writers, but very few have been education in journalism studies, ethics, morals, etc. However, I embrace this open form of media, because it gives more people the platform to speak their mind. A magazine is only limited to the one or two people who have the potential to write, often dictated by geographic location: if they don't live there, they can't work... #1.8
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That's definitely one aspect that should have been included in the article! #1.1
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Good to see that the first response isn't COD hate #1.1
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It'll probably affect those that like the community element of Steam. But for a casual Steam user like myself, I don't think it'll really pose much of an issue. This is just two parties having silent little stabs at each other, and EA will eventually win out. Valve's restrictions are nothing more than the company's intention to monopolize the market, which is not a good thing for gamers. EA is the white knight in this case I reckon. #1
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You should read the article before commenting. You don't really contribute to the community otherwise. Backfire in that it initiated pre-owned sales jump, but sales for new hardware fell dramatically. #1.1
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WAT? #3.1.2
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I just think that Sony is a little less reliant on those exclusives, whereas Microsoft's Xbox brand was essentially built up around the success of the first two Halo titles. Nothing wrong with that at all though. #3
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*facepalm* #1.1
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That's so true. When I was writing the article and I got to the part about the games they've released this year, I just did a massive facepalm for Sega.

"Hey! We make shit products that no one wants and we're not selling any games....THE MARKET IS DYING!"

lulz k #1.1
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