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Say you've NEVER played a PSP in your life. You'll have a good Vita lineup, PLUS some VERY awesome PSP games available for download. Unreal launch lineup.

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The biggest problem with Video Game Journalism is video game PR.

PR in the industry is by far the worst PR to deal with across all forms of entertainment. I literally bang my head against the wall when having to deal with these people that either know nothing about the game, know nothing about the competition, know nothing about the industry, or all of the above.

I absolutely HATE when people get on the back of people for writing blogs they disagree with, an...

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Numbers are surprising but don't really prove anything. Shows PS3 has quantity (and quality), whereas Xbox has Halo, Gears, which are probably unrivaled when it comes to fanbase loyalty.

Also, 360 average factors in Kinect game sales, which were unsurprisingly outrageously high.

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Wow looks just like Uncharted 1.

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I think criticism of game criticism needs to go. It's no less pretentious than the douche bags that downground games for screen tearing.

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I agree. Can't see it happening.

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Watching people play it gets me so excited for it! I understand the criticisms but it's a brilliant game.

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U2 more than U1 imo. But LBP is just amazing. I don't think there is a game with as good community creation and sharing on consoles?

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Thanks. I've changed the title.

I think Rockstar kind of led that revolution and proved that a major release for consoles has a place being digital-only, but they eventually released a disc version, which was interesting. I don't think it was through lack of sales online, rather just to increase the install base for people that hadn't embraced digital distribution.

Alan Wake really is perfect for episodic content. I hope we see more pubs/devs t...

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Reviews and previews for this have been very positive, although I've seen Ubisoft describe it as a "music game" with different tunes, but the demo didn't really showcase that. Not sure what they mean in that regard.

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Sorry for holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read this....

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Joking? Gamecube had most if not all cross-platform titles that were launched on PS2 and Xbox, and in many cases offered better experiences. Spider-man 2, Timesplitters, Pro Skater 2 and 3. I could go on and on. RE4 was best on GC. So many awesome third-party titles. Wii has been downright awful.

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People get so worked up over this. Why the hell is it that gamers are the only ones that feel as though it's necessary to critique another person's opinion in such a high capacity?

The guy gave it a 4/10. COOL STORY BRO! But what have you done for me lately?

Seriously, game reviewers can be such douchebags. The whole Eurogamer fiasco was just pathetic. 8/10 is a good score. 4/10 isn't. Let's all move on ...

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My comment on the article:

While I agree with the author that scores don’t actually matter — it’s the substance (words) in the article that help dictate those numbers — I believe they are needed in order to appeal to a broad audience. The sad truth is that online publishing — as one might argue that videogame journalism is predominantly placed — is a lot different to print. People scan through articles and only look for the big statements. This is why bloggers and tabloids of...

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It really is all about community. You shouldn't critique a person's opinion until you actually know of the capacity they're saying that opinion in. People say, "You gave it an 8/10 but IGN gave it a 9/10 so you're wrong!" but no one makes opinion out to be fact, because opinion is actually the way you SEE fact: how you interpret it. You can't possibly truly understand where someone is coming from if you don't even know all that much about them. It makes i...

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Piracy actually gets a product into the hands of people who wouldn't otherwise buy it, therefore expanding the brand and install base, which in the long run works out for the creator.

It makes the world go round. We can live in a fairy land and try to stop stuff like this from happen, but that will never happen. Better to try and stem it, rather than bitch and stop it all together, because that won't happen.

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Lots of replies in the articles and forums say the same thing: Skyrim >> Uncharted 3.

Well, that's cool, but, like, I don't like RPG's?

I liked Oblivion though. But this game is as good as it gets on PS3. This is why we own a PS3.

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Amen to that ;)

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But aren't headlines meant to be bold statements? :P But hey, it's true. And roughly 6-7 hours in. I am not sure of its length, but I assume similar to U2? 12-14 hours?

Most impressive is how Naughty Dog has refined the combat, shooting and platforming, and gotten rid of those awful and boring stealth elements. Lighting engine has also be tweaked, propels it slightly above U2 visually.

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So that means that games made late in the PS2 era that looked good meant we didn't need Xbox 360/PS3?

I think a generation should end once developers start struggling to find ways to enhance the experience and presentation. Once that brick-wall is reached, it's time to move on.

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