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The worst thing you can do is rely on a Metacritic score to determine whether or not you should buy a game.

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All aboard the PR train.

Seriously, can we hear some feedback from a developer that ISN'T trying to sell their Wii U game to the public?

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Seriously, LOL!

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What does the headline even mean?

"COD's development is big, but Epic Mickey's is....EPIC.ER...ER....ERRR!&qu ot;

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Pachter does not appease us and does not want to. People get all butthurt when he talks out against their favourite brand.

He's an analyst, and his obligation is to investors and shareholders, not gamers.

If he wasn't so good at his job, he wouldn't be a friggin' Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst.

He's making a lot of people a lot of money with his projections. That's his job.

Stop acting butthurt ...

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I agree re. reports. Author did not choose the headline. Changed to better represent article content.

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Problem is that gamers are taking his comments as being said to gamers. Pachter doesn't care about gamers. He cares about investors. That's his obligation. 3DS is awesome atm, WiiU will be cool, but why would someone buy shares in a company whose revenues are falling?

People are just butthurt.

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I had no idea trees had the ability to protest.

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LOL @ the reports. It's just a joke. On a VITA website. With plenty of positive coverage on the handheld. It's just a bit funny, that's all. It's not really "hate".

To the people that reported: butthurt much?

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Just buy a game one at a time? Then store it elsewhere? Or redownload? Derp?

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Yep, it's now officially the cool thing to hate on COD.

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Why is the author blaming developers?

It's the publishers that are the issue. If a publisher like Activision dumps a truck load of money in front of your development company to make Call of Duty every 2nd year, what would you do? Unless you're a hipster indie, you're going to do it, because it's security and it's guaranteed success.

Sometimes gamers need to look for creativity and inventiveness. It's out there. The world needs the ...

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Wow, this is getting pathetic.

The COD engine runs impeccably smooth, looks fantastic and runs at 60fps. Why would any developer replace that engine?

I love how people that don't even play COD and don't even like it are the ones passing the most commentary on it.

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LOL don't be ridiculous, Australian's don't shop on Amazon.

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I personally think it has a bit to do with stocking imported copies of games, and not using the distribution channels that Sony approves of. That's just me though. Bit tough for retailers in Australia atm because of the high dollar, high cost to employ but low productivity.

I am surprised though that it's Sony making this statement and not the retailers. So yeah, the fact that it's Sony making this decision definitely gives it all a fishy smell. If it wasn&#...

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I am so sick and tired of people say COD is "getting stale".

The series continues to sell. It continues to dominate online charts. People still play it, interact and share COD-related content.

Just because YOU think it's stale, doesn't make it so.

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Awful image loader that blog has...

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Yeah well, you guys realise that many a blogger, video game "journalit", is an ex-developer and therefore an "artist" and therefore, most likely, a hipster douchebag that eats out of straw hats and wears hemp?

People in Australia complained when EB Games ran an ad campaign that mocked, get this, female AND male stereotypes.

You're not even allowed to mock men these days, either.

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The DLC hasn't changed though, so I don't know wtf the author is on about.

Elite premium members get DLC spread out across several weeks, leading into the release of one pack for non-premium members.

We're getting the same amount of DLC as usual. Only this year, Premium members get it first, and more often, as opposed to every few months in big chunks.

It's not rocket science.

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Vita won't die out because it lives and dies by digital downloads, which are exceeding Sony's figures. At the end of the day this is a product that will consistently sell 70k-100k per week in Japan over its lifetime, which is similar to the PSP, which is still selling well. The one thing that hurt the PSP was software sales, which were never crash hot, even in Japan. Vita has the advantage because of the accessibility and affordability of PSP and Vita downloadable titles. Just as ...

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