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Activision should just give up: people will always find the dumbest things to criticise. Too camper friendly? Based on what? Second-long clips of maps and combat from trailer? *facepalm

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CoD's a lot of fun. Most of the hate comes from either BF fanboys or David Cage groupies.

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Crash Bandicoot is, like, sooooo 1995.

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I hate comments like these. The hostility towards wealth and free enterprise completely disregards the hard work and inventiveness of those that started the company to begin with. People's jobs are on the line.

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Looks great!

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Good article!

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Metacritic is awful and they are terrible to deal with. They act like they are the be-all and end-all of media and critique.

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It's funny how much praise this style of management gets, and yet Newell admitted that when someone makes a mistake, there's no accountability and so therefore mistakes go unnoticed. This happened with Half-Life 2 and set development back 6 months because the person responsible for the mistake wasn't held accountable.

It's good to have a work place that's all happy and accessible, but you still need someone that holds others accountable for their work. N...

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*insert COD hating comment here*

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I LOL'd.

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Who made Cage the moral spokesperson for the industry?

""How many can we play each year?"

That's insulting to fans of shooters. There are lots of shooters because gamers want them. There's a big market for them.

"I mean this industry will die if it doesn't try more to be innovative and to come up with new ideas and to talk a bit more - not necessarily serious, but deeper things at some point. It's great t...

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It's a social game for a casual audience. Expecting every single game to be a particular way is very arrogant and a little naive imo. I see nothing wrong with how SC Social is. Did people really expect any different?

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GTA IV is a great game and it gets so much unnecessary hate. It takes things more seriously than it's predecessors, but gives us such an amazing city in the process, and a games engine that is now used throughout the industry.

GTA V will blow people away.

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Those games look good, but would have looked infinitely better in HD. Nintendo makes very crisp, beautiful games, but we've had to wait 6 extra years than 360 and PS3 fans for exclusives in HD. Every gamer has has to wait far too long to Mario and Link in HD.

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Yay! Logic!

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Funny how so many 'Disagree' with your obviously sarcastic remark. I "agree", only because it made me laugh so hard.

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Interesting that rumours have surfaced about an UE4-powered Metroid game for Wii U. That certainly makes a showcasing during Ninty press conference a possibility.

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Hopefully it's gameplay trailer now. Perhaps on Wii U? That would blow everyone away.

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How's that bubble you're living in going? Going good? Hey? Naww that's good.

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