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Master & Commander: The Game

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I've been made to feel evil because I didn't like the first game.

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Q4 2012 technically includes the early months of 2013, so a March 2013 still seems likely.

It's not coming out in 2012.

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Epic screen tearing...or is it just me?

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Middle East?

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Amen. I admit that in the past I've even written many a "hit" piece, but at the request of ownership and advertises that expect positive content, or controversial content that is so, so stupid.

I hope there is a little sympathy for games journalists. They often have their hands tied and are forced to write certain things. Not everyone has the capacity to say "no" and lose their job. That's the sad reality.

I'm in the proce...

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Michael Pachter says things FOR. INVESTORS!

When will fanboys get that. He has one obligation and one obligation only: to tell investors about whether or not to INVEST.

He does not have faith in Wii U. He is NOT a gamer. He is an ANALYST.

Please get it through your thick skulls. This guy does not care about what gamers thinks. He simply provides predictions and analysis for potential stakeholders. <...

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Well I'm convinced.


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This post is full of win.

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That said, what a stupid rule...

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I didn't know...noted for future.

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I wonder where this guy will be when the industry crashes because so many would-be developers that have no idea spend hundreds-of-thousands and even millions to create crap games that flood the market.

What bananas like this guy don't realise is that, while atm the F2P and publisher-free business models are working well, the climate is dictating it because there is uncertainty when it comes to digital distribution and monetizing the online audience.


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Five types of articles that need to die:

1. COD Hating articles
2. "Things that need to die"
3. Sony sucks articles
4. XBLA vs PSN articles
5. Sony is poor articles

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This guy sounds like Napoleon Dynamite.

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What a load of garbage. Why change an "engine" that looks and run fine? How many games have you developed?

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*Says the game fails in some places
*Hasn't played the game yet

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IW has been very good to fans. Elite Premium members essentially have the price of the service justified in getting all content for "free"...or, saving roughly 1200 MP.

Double XP weekends have also been plentiful. Hopefully I can 10th Prestige by the time BLOPS2 is released.

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SEGA has basically become a successful company by limiting the amount of stuff it releases.

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What has this got to do with Xbox?

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I think it's just safe to assume it will appear on the console, seeing as though MW2 and MW3 there did, and that Wii U is a new console that Nintendo says will appeal to the "core" crowd, whatever crowd that is...

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