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""For us, our bet was on digital distribution, that was the future - the ability to [play] 1080p movies with no disc, no download required; we have the largest movie and TV library, the largest HD library of any console"

werent they the ones who said you cant do HD gaming and thats y the 1st set of 360's didnt have hdmi

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i would do ANYTHING for a one piece game thats like naruto (xbox 360 version for everything minus fighting, grapchis and unlockables they would be ps3 naruto) would be amazing, i would like a black lagoo, black cat, samurai champloo, soul eater, elfen lied!!!!!!!(would be amazing) and game version's of anime mvoies that i would want all studio ghibli's works extra +'s for pricess mononoke and nausica of the valley of the wind. the anime movies wonderful days (sky blue in englsih), the place p...

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that would be y he said youre STILL waiting

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nice find WTF was up with that 2 year old kid "i f*cked youre gran so hard she went out the window" ha like it could get hard twirp

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WTF dude you totaly jsut admited you have a modded consel and in the video you have a ton of pirated software lol busted

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haha jason 360 just owned that guy bubbles up, im a fan of ps3 but that was an epic come back lol

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funny that i got my ylod for free that only applys to people outside the warinty in whitch case sony has every right to charge you to fix it hell they could charge you £999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999999999999999999 99 and no one could say anything about it tho if someone ever gets that much money and does do it well lololol what a facking idiot

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just look at japnese games and you'll find millions of them, they should just let sonic die after this one

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but youre not going to buy it are you? EVERY ps3 game on you claim will be great and what not but i bet you dont even buy 10% of the games you claim to be great, i will b egetting this a day before it releases thanks to my preorder from a store that ALWAYS breaks release dates

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good sales for a really good game would recomend this game to anyone however.....on the cart modern warfare 2 is outselling it in january soooooooo yeh maybe you should rename the artical of something

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never played the 2nd one but i jsut ordered it of amazon only £7 and yeh does the pc's version still have online i hope so lol if not ach well at least ill be able to get the gap in story between 1 and 3

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so basically what your saying is "i don’t own a PlayStation 3, but ill pretend i do and say the game was very bad" your life is more pathetic than that of a sea cue cumber’s wow way to go wonder when the day will come were all people will appreciate a good game and stop acting like total d*ck head fan b*tch like this guy pretending as if he’s played the game

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i had it instaled and it was still horrible so i wonder what it was like not instaled

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you must be retard-d because 3 of them games are the worst JRPG'S EVERInfinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey
well at least you got one right thats star ocean: the last hope (aloth the voice acting will put 90% of the people who play it off)but the best JRPG'S ever are as followed: final fantasy X, Final fantasy vii, star ocean: the last hope, mass effect and one on the ps3 cant renembe the name but its made by sega and has a hand drawen look to it

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wait is that feild the feild where big boss killed boss on mgs3?....

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now if only SEALS where as good as S.A.S and S.B.S

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Its very very easy to get past a proxy server i know because of the course im doing at college one of the classes goes over proxy servers hackers ect seriosly they dont do much

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when this was sony i renember you being one of the 1st to say it was because of the ps3 and how bad it is but when its apple guess its because they want to make more money makes sence......BAKA

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for me it would have to be call of duty 4
i didnt like killzone 2 the controls of the game jsut went in it for me so call of duty 4 soon to be replaced by modern warfare 2

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you are sh1tting youre self youre tendo pein (god relm) has just died and so is youre real body HA take that you pein lover (you will only get this if you read naruto manga and saw last weeks chapter)

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