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its not bout the name of the games its bout the content they dumb it down for kids by the graphic and the game play style is for kids. Look at ssf4 3ds that's a weak ass game for exameple, if it was on psp or ngp it woulb be played more maturely. street fighter 3 alpha max on psp is better than ssf4 3ds.

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bf3 is gonna fail big time

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lol i think his right thats how i think of the wii and ds series only kids play that shit if ur over 18 u play it shame on you.

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kb is failure its nothin new his boring i switch channel wwhen i see his ad

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shut the fuck up sheep

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GTA5 gonna suck like gta4 damn gamers are dumb

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They waiting for NGP: Nintendo Got Pawn

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only a fool will post meta numbers i heard they were rating people now i think u might be a .5

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BF3 demo isn't out yet but people think its gonna out sell COD u guys r jumping ship BF3 might suck as fuck i dont care bout COD but i know the same thing gonna happen like what happen to MOH and BFBC. BF3 is just another over hyped war game i will choose COD over it.

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crysis 2 sucks

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they always complain bout ps3 exclusive the only graphics in this game is better than crysis2 but < kz3 i was shocked i thought it was gonna be like mag.

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its "the meek shall inherit the earth"

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this shit is weak

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psp is better than this shit

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crying baby u have chiken blood thats why u play pokemon i have lion/tiger blood i play big games u little kid go to bed. fucking weaklin.

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pokemon is for kids like the ds is for babies 35 for that crappy game

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cash cow needs to die

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ngp = nintendo got pawn

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kinect is dying we should expect the next xbox next year

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