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I'm gonna be all over that Zelda XL like... erm... me, I guess, on a cupcake. #1.1
That's absolutely the way to do it IMHO. With DLC prevalent these days, waiting for prices to come down to get the whole package is definitely advisable, especially for a game like Evolve which is so heavily dependent on stable online netcode. You'd have to be mad to pre-order this thing let alone pre-purchase. #2.1
Yep, waiting for the PC version. I want those mods. #1
Cannot wait for Planetside 2 on PS4. I think a whole bunch of people who can't be arsed with fiddly PC clients (like me) are going to love it. #1
Interested to hear about what 3DS titles are planned. We know much of the Wii U stuff coming in 2015, but I want to know what Nintendo have planned for the New 3DS aside from XC3D and Majora's Mask. #1
"Huge intricate levels that encourage exploration with complex geometry, limited resources and plentiful secrets."

Ah secrets... things you went looking for because you wanted to, not because some bored designer had thrown 100 feathers everywhere in the name of padding.

Agree about DNF. It felt too forced, and didn't really capture the essence of what Duke was all about. It felt like an homage rather than a proper Duke game. #1
It looks fucking terrifying. #1
Should be a big year for the Wii U. Though that's speaking relatively, of course.

In any case, new Zelda and Star Fox are things I need in my life! #1
There will come a point when it will surely earn that $20 a month price, when all those things happen, when the legacy games come in, when Sony's own flagship titles are on there.

But it's not there yet. #2.1
The market is so geared towards pre-orders these days that one suspects we've gone too far to come back now. I very rarely pre-order games these days, but there are titles you know will be an event upon release, and folks are willing to pay to be a part of that. So many people are happy to run the risk.

The horrible truth is that there simply aren't any ramifications for big franchises such as these. Things would need to get litigious in order for that to change. #1
That film just made me really, really hungry. #3.1
Yup, jumping into an RPG is always the answer. Spoiled for choice this year with DAI, Divinity, Wasteland II etc. Spent much of Boxing Day playing Persona Q and FFX HD. #1
Microsoft slashed the price of the Xbox One ahead of Black Friday, so we're just seeing knock on effects of that really and hyper-competitive retailer-driven bundles designed to make the most of the festive season. There've been sub-£300 bundles from Sony too.

This is so low because Forza 5 GOTY has been a pack-in for months. It's still a cracking bundle at £285, mind. #1.1.2
I think my wallet just whimpered. Time to restock that enormous backlog, baby! #1
I mean more that with eSports you'd obviously have skilled players across the board, thereby already elevating the quality of gameplay.

And no, baseball is far, far worse than Evolve. Watching baseball is almost as boring as watching snooker. #1.1.1
Still really not sold on this as a full price title. The balance just isn't fun as a human. Being the monster is great, but unless you have a team you trust, all mic'd up and everything, playing as a human sucks.

Can see it being a big hitter for YouTube and eSports, mind. #1
Man they can't get rid of that Ass Creed bundle fast enough, can they? #1
Cracking deal. #1
I actually completely agree with you. This is what diversity in terms of games means, sometimes I want to shoot virtual people with a virtual gun, sometimes I want to roll houses up with a giant sticky ball. It's all about choice.

But all Hatred is right now is a trailer and Greenlight pitch and people are blowing it out of proportion and it just sort of annoys me that people are choosing to try and rip apart a game that's barely a game at this point, rather than high... #2.1
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