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That film just made me really, really hungry. #3.1
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Yup, jumping into an RPG is always the answer. Spoiled for choice this year with DAI, Divinity, Wasteland II etc. Spent much of Boxing Day playing Persona Q and FFX HD. #1
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Microsoft slashed the price of the Xbox One ahead of Black Friday, so we're just seeing knock on effects of that really and hyper-competitive retailer-driven bundles designed to make the most of the festive season. There've been sub-£300 bundles from Sony too.

This is so low because Forza 5 GOTY has been a pack-in for months. It's still a cracking bundle at £285, mind. #1.1.2
I think my wallet just whimpered. Time to restock that enormous backlog, baby! #1
I mean more that with eSports you'd obviously have skilled players across the board, thereby already elevating the quality of gameplay.

And no, baseball is far, far worse than Evolve. Watching baseball is almost as boring as watching snooker. #1.1.1
Still really not sold on this as a full price title. The balance just isn't fun as a human. Being the monster is great, but unless you have a team you trust, all mic'd up and everything, playing as a human sucks.

Can see it being a big hitter for YouTube and eSports, mind. #1
Man they can't get rid of that Ass Creed bundle fast enough, can they? #1
Cracking deal. #1
I actually completely agree with you. This is what diversity in terms of games means, sometimes I want to shoot virtual people with a virtual gun, sometimes I want to roll houses up with a giant sticky ball. It's all about choice.

But all Hatred is right now is a trailer and Greenlight pitch and people are blowing it out of proportion and it just sort of annoys me that people are choosing to try and rip apart a game that's barely a game at this point, rather than high... #2.1
It does have the best game of the year on it (Bayonetta 2), but for me, I think that the Wii U is the must-have second console of the year. That is to say, it doesn't matter if you go Xbox or PlayStation for the blockbuster titles, but the Wii U is an essential accompanying console. #1
@superchiller: You clearly have no clue. Because if you did you'd have checked the site and noted the swathes of articles slamming Nintendo for stupid decisions before and after the Wii U launched.

I know it's hard when you're a blinkered fanboy, but do try and keep up.

Is the Wii U in a better position now? Of course it is, because it's had a massive headstart. But it got slaughtered upon launch. #3.3.2
I love what's going on right now. Retailers dropping bundle deal after bundle deal. It's freakin great for us consumers. Never been a better time to be looking at getting into new-gen! #1
A good chunk of the review is pretty positive about PS TV. In fact, the whole thing is pretty positive about PS TV as a concept.

Just that the execution at this point in time is a bit lacking.

If you want gushingly positive, try this: http://www.dealspwn.com/dua...

Even a year on, I still marvel at just how perfect a controller the DualShock 4... #3.2
It is indeed. Which is why it gets called a "nice little Remote Play machine". It's worth noting, though, that the smartphone, the PS4, and even the Vita itself do more than PS TV. #2.1.2
If PS TV were £45 (roughly $70) in the UK it'd be excellent value.

But it isn't.

It's £85 (roughly $135). #2.1
Yeah that was the key for me. I was scathing about it in the first week, but always happy to be proved wrong. The criticisms are the same, mind, it's a woefully under-supported product right now and the price is too high for what it is.

I can't recommend it at £85, especially not to newcomers, but it has slotted into my gaming life very nicely indeed and for people with a similar set up, it could be worth a punt. Ultimately, though, that's going to prove pre... #1.1
That was an outstanding deal, but hasn't been seen since Black Friday I don't think.

I'm loving that Microsoft and Sony haven't fucked about this winter. They've both had some cracking deals going, and we're the winners as consumers. Even Nintendo had a record sales weekend! Some of the Wii U bundles below £200 have been bonkers! #2.1
I think there's merit in everybody (reviewers too) realising that scores of 5, 6, 7 don't mean bad games.

A game can be mechanically/aesthetically/ systemically terrible but still prove engaging and fun.

This is why the words in reviews matter more than the number :-p #1.1.2
See, I disagree with your last point Kane. I wasn't a huge fan of the preview demo, but there'd been no context, I wasn't invested. Linear games rely so much on early framing and an immersive story keeping you engaged that the fact all there was to go on was instafail stealth and hand-holding gameplay for preview was always going to be a disadvantage.

I'm really hoping to be proved wrong with The Order, and having a killer story with exciting setpieces would c... #2.2
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