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Lol...the video refers to FFXV, but it's not in the list itself :D

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It's been a great few weeks for games, and yeah there's more to come. Dishonored 2 is amazing, apparently Watch Dogs 2 is actually pretty good (hell, I quite enjoyed the first one tbh), there's new Pokemon mere days away, and I've watched Kingsglaive five times now in preparation for FFXV.

It's gonna be a good Christmas :)

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Agreed. BF1 is AMAZING, but yes, for completely different reasons. I feel BF1 is only really done justice on PC, mind, whereas TF2 doesn't quite reach for graphical supremacy in the same way. It's beautiful, but it's still stunning in its own way regardless of platform. Once you've played BF1 on PC on the highest settings, there's no going back :D

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Tenchu came so close.

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Had it been ninja games rather than ninjas themselves I think Tenchu would definitely have been at number one :)

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I can't see anyone but diehard fans with more money than sense paying full price for this.

As enjoyable as Hotwire is, I have BF4, I don't need a £50 map pack.

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^This. Bayonetta 2 alone pretty much fills that up.

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Don't often blast music in the background whiole playing games, especially not if the soundtrack is ace, but Music Unlimited was utter wank. Good to see Sony seeing sense and putting services on the platform that people actually want.

PS4 is perfectly capable of being a media hub, Sony just didn't include the features that would allow it to fulfil that role. Also crucially never marketed it as anything but a games machine. Cynical move perhaps, but allowed for low pri...

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The situation needs resolving, certainly, but high digital pricing from publishers has led to consumers looking elsewhere. Ubisoft themselves are terrible culprits, also forcing users to wrestle with the cancerous mess that is Uplay.

Yet again, Ubisoft have blundered into a situation, failed completely with communication, and only succeeded in making things worse.

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Agree with you on the third-party issue. No one bought a Wii U for Call of Duty, but the point about filling in the gaps is well made. Nintendo are terrible at blowing their own trumpet, let alone anyone else's, but they need to be doing more to attract anyone looking to forego traditional publishing.

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I'm gonna be all over that Zelda XL like... erm... me, I guess, on a cupcake.

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That's absolutely the way to do it IMHO. With DLC prevalent these days, waiting for prices to come down to get the whole package is definitely advisable, especially for a game like Evolve which is so heavily dependent on stable online netcode. You'd have to be mad to pre-order this thing let alone pre-purchase.

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Yep, waiting for the PC version. I want those mods.

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Cannot wait for Planetside 2 on PS4. I think a whole bunch of people who can't be arsed with fiddly PC clients (like me) are going to love it.

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Interested to hear about what 3DS titles are planned. We know much of the Wii U stuff coming in 2015, but I want to know what Nintendo have planned for the New 3DS aside from XC3D and Majora's Mask.

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"Huge intricate levels that encourage exploration with complex geometry, limited resources and plentiful secrets."

Ah secrets... things you went looking for because you wanted to, not because some bored designer had thrown 100 feathers everywhere in the name of padding.

Agree about DNF. It felt too forced, and didn't really capture the essence of what Duke was all about. It felt like an homage rather than a proper Duke game.

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It looks fucking terrifying.

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Should be a big year for the Wii U. Though that's speaking relatively, of course.

In any case, new Zelda and Star Fox are things I need in my life!

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There will come a point when it will surely earn that $20 a month price, when all those things happen, when the legacy games come in, when Sony's own flagship titles are on there.

But it's not there yet.

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The market is so geared towards pre-orders these days that one suspects we've gone too far to come back now. I very rarely pre-order games these days, but there are titles you know will be an event upon release, and folks are willing to pay to be a part of that. So many people are happy to run the risk.

The horrible truth is that there simply aren't any ramifications for big franchises such as these. Things would need to get litigious in order for that to change.

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