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The preview's coming in a couple of days, but here's a TL:DR version of what I played...

I should have taken extra underwear. #5
"playing as a hero who is like you can boost self-esteem for many"

Surely that's a reason to include the CHOICE of a female model (or any diverse character for that matter) for your online avatar?

You just agreed with me. #4.2.1
1. You got a disagree (as do Ubisoft) because this is one of the world's largest most lucrative games studios, with an enormous budget, loads of resources, nine teams working on this game. Better gameplay and a female character model are NOT mutually exclusive things. Ubisoft Montreal themselves have been evidence to this effect.

2. "These things don't affect people as much as you like to think." -- Good god, you know some girls. And they're clearly ind... #7.2.1
Agreed too. Anything beyond straight-laced, white, male thirtysomethings with gravelly voices and hipster beards/designer stubble would be nice. We could do with more diverse gaming protagonists full stop! #4.1
It's not even about female leads, though god only knows we could use more of them, it's about choice in the way you represent yourself online. You'll always see Arno in your game, but you can customise how you appear to others in co-op.

Basically this bit:

'How we present ourselves online has always been important. More pertinently, the likes of Borderlands and Saints Row and GTA Online and pretty much every Bethesda and BioWare RPG seem to be... #2.2
It's not so much about fully abandoning last-gen, more that devs need to be focussing on the new consoles rather than worrying about "feature complete" identical versions across the divide. It's about porting down rather than porting up, shifting primary focus to the PS4 and the Xbox One and then worrying about last-gen versions. It's the only way we'll start seeing games that tap fully into the power and potential of the new consoles. #1.1
And that's the thing...Mario Kart is the game that you buy straight away once you already have the console, but it's not the game that makes you buy the console in the first place.

And yeah, Ninty have botched Mario on Wii U -- two games out already, one of them is nearly identical to its Wii predecessor, and one of them is based on an admittedly brilliant 3DS game. That Galaxy successor can't come soon enough! #8.2
I don't know about that. Dropping it just before Christmas would have been even better tbh. There's nothing like a bit of MK on Boxing Day. #9.1
Couldn't agree more. Iwata insinuates that the Wii U is waiting for its Pokemon moment...


For a company that has survived off of rehashing its well-worn (but exceptional) back catalogue, why the hell Nintendo haven't made that move is beyond me. #1.1
That's not an argument against diversity, though. Surely that's just an argument against bad games and bad writing?

And no-one likes bad games.

Conflating "diverse" with "bad" is part of the problem. #7.1
Agreed. But that shouldn't mean we settle for a narrow range of stories.

Having a protagonist that's not white, straight, and male doesn't give a game a free pass. Good games are good games, I just want to see as wide a range of interactive fictions told as I possibly can. #10.1
@Somebody: You're right. Poor games are poor games. But I can't begrudge Remember Me its buzz because it was genuine. If anything it illustrated how unbalanced the situation is. The problem was that the game couldn't live up to its hype: Nilin was a fairly poorly written character, and the combat...well...the less said about that the better. The problem wasn't that Nilin was a woman, the problem was that the game sucked on a mechanical level and wasted its most interesting, m... #5.1.4
Mmmmmm....Pillars of Eternity.

I agree. You look at BioWare before the merger and they were masters of the RPG genre and never compromised.

They can say whatever they like about autonomy, but the games post-EA speak for themselves -- action-oriented hybrid titles looking for mass market appeal and lacking substance and depth because of it. #1.1
"Why not get Marty and Davidge to score together in the same way that Marty scored with Michael Salvatori for the Bungie Halos."

I'd love that, but Bungie gave Marty full rein over pretty much all aspects of sound design on Halo. Given Davidge's precedent with Halo 4 it's doubtful 343i would do the same. #5.2
I'm encouraged by the work SOE have done with PlanetSide 2. I was initially incredibly sceptical of that game, and got in and loved it. Didn't pay a penny for several months and then dropped a few quid for a few extra credits. They did a great job of balancing PS2 out, so I'm hopeful that this'll be a similar sort of story. #3.2
Good god! An opinion that doesn't match your own! HERESY! It must be the work of the devil, or his perfidious spawn sowing money to breed discord.

Or...perhaps I'm an Oculus fan who's pleased that they might have an opportunity to run with some serious financial backing and bring this VR future into the present faster. Games are still happening, dev kits are still being shipped out, and the world hasn't ended.

Facebook might fuck it all up, bu... #3.1
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Kickstarter backers bought a dev kit, not shares in the business. #1.1.2
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How has it killed it yet? Nothing's happened apart from a big company has agreed to throw a whole bunch of money at a smaller, super-interesting startup.

This hysterical kneejerk bullcrap is ridiculous. Facebook have said they're to let Oculus continue what they're doing...only now with a budget to make a possible dent in the mainstream consciousness. So until Zuckerberg walks in through the door and starts burning the house down, how is that a bad thing?
... #1.1
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I think you'll find that's basically the point of the article :-p

But equally, though we might not like to admit it, graphical benchmarks matter, and have always done so. We like shiny things, and that's okay. #18.1
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