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Couldn't agree more.

When Bungie say "this isn't how we envisaged people playing Destiny" maybe they should have beefed up the content, created many more emergent, varied public events, and bothered to make a loot/progression system that rewards players in a meaningful fashion rather than the randomised omnishambles the game currently has.

Nerfing the loot cave deals with the symptom rather than the disease, but I imagine they're holding... #1
No. The better musou titles manage to recreate the ebb and flow of large scale battles with constantly shifting objectives and points of interest - bosses/parameter shifts/reinforcements. This is something that Hyrule Warriors does very well, particularly in later levels and the Adventure Mode. #1.1.2
I don't think it'll convert Warriors haters, but important to realise that the musou genre is as much about reading the battlefield and strategically going where one is needed along with 1-vs-1000 combat.

Either way, as a Zelda and Warriors fan, I've been absolutely loving it. The bosses really do add nice tempo changes to proceedings, and frankly the simple fact of being able to play as Zelda and Impa and Darunia and Midna is utterly glorious. #1.1
Alternatively, maybe people find personal meaning in games because games are interactive. Everyone is different, meaning everyone games in different ways however slight those differences may be.

Just because someone had a different experience to you doesn't mean yours is lessened in any way. Don't be so insecure. If you want to enjoy games at face value, great. If, however, you happen to find deeper meaning in this interactive creative industry, more power to you I sa... #1.1.1
After they banged on about it being super cinematic, I was worried that it might be a gorgeous but otherwise uninspired shooter. This preview has done nothing to dispel that :( #1
I've always found it a bit weird that games are generally announced with a blurb and a trailer. Trailers can be cool, sure, but this is something else. Gaming is all about interaction, and though it won't work for every reveal or genre, this has been a huge, special, memorable success in hyping up Silent Hills. #4
I've played it several times now at various events and although I found the core gameplay to be pretty refreshing and the gunplay to be solid and entertaining, I think that logistics will be the issue. Human teams will be screwed without communication as teamwork is absolutely essential, and without hopping on with a group of five players, it'll be really interesting to see how matchmaking works. #3
@Sm00thNinja: At last, a comment that gets the point of the article :D #12.3
More about two games with fluid, elegant core systems, both bringing elements of freshness to well-worn genres. #1.1
Really enjoyed the first one, and can't wait to tear it up on the French Riviera in this game. It's going to be an amazing Christmas for racing fans. #7
The preview's coming in a couple of days, but here's a TL:DR version of what I played...

I should have taken extra underwear. #5
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"playing as a hero who is like you can boost self-esteem for many"

Surely that's a reason to include the CHOICE of a female model (or any diverse character for that matter) for your online avatar?

You just agreed with me. #4.2.1
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1. You got a disagree (as do Ubisoft) because this is one of the world's largest most lucrative games studios, with an enormous budget, loads of resources, nine teams working on this game. Better gameplay and a female character model are NOT mutually exclusive things. Ubisoft Montreal themselves have been evidence to this effect.

2. "These things don't affect people as much as you like to think." -- Good god, you know some girls. And they're clearly ind... #7.2.1
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Agreed too. Anything beyond straight-laced, white, male thirtysomethings with gravelly voices and hipster beards/designer stubble would be nice. We could do with more diverse gaming protagonists full stop! #4.1
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It's not even about female leads, though god only knows we could use more of them, it's about choice in the way you represent yourself online. You'll always see Arno in your game, but you can customise how you appear to others in co-op.

Basically this bit:

'How we present ourselves online has always been important. More pertinently, the likes of Borderlands and Saints Row and GTA Online and pretty much every Bethesda and BioWare RPG seem to be... #2.2
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It's not so much about fully abandoning last-gen, more that devs need to be focussing on the new consoles rather than worrying about "feature complete" identical versions across the divide. It's about porting down rather than porting up, shifting primary focus to the PS4 and the Xbox One and then worrying about last-gen versions. It's the only way we'll start seeing games that tap fully into the power and potential of the new consoles. #1.1
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And that's the thing...Mario Kart is the game that you buy straight away once you already have the console, but it's not the game that makes you buy the console in the first place.

And yeah, Ninty have botched Mario on Wii U -- two games out already, one of them is nearly identical to its Wii predecessor, and one of them is based on an admittedly brilliant 3DS game. That Galaxy successor can't come soon enough! #8.2
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I don't know about that. Dropping it just before Christmas would have been even better tbh. There's nothing like a bit of MK on Boxing Day. #9.1
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Couldn't agree more. Iwata insinuates that the Wii U is waiting for its Pokemon moment...


For a company that has survived off of rehashing its well-worn (but exceptional) back catalogue, why the hell Nintendo haven't made that move is beyond me. #1.1
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That's not an argument against diversity, though. Surely that's just an argument against bad games and bad writing?

And no-one likes bad games.

Conflating "diverse" with "bad" is part of the problem. #7.1
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