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I'm pretty damned sure this is just for the base Operating System. Nothing to do with gaming. Just didn't need so much space.

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It looks like a pretty crappy port from the demo. Ran alright but took a lot of shortcuts on the graphics. Course why in gods name you'd play it on anything but a PC is beyond me.

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I think it means my original DS is still going to be collecting dust. Boy did that gimmick wear out quick. Not as quick as the Wii though.

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PC/PS3/360....... All you need to know to avoid this game like the plague. Assured to be watered down generic garbage that further ruins the series.

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I don't think they're going to get away with expansion packs like the Sims. Spore is crap on every level to begin with. Adding more creature customization is so pointless when it makes almost no difference to the game.

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Didn't take long for me to realize it was a no substance gimmick. Still keeping the system for the few and far between decent games.

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It's cause the market is too flooded. Way too many gaming sites all just saying the same few bits of news.

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They were rabid anti-sony fanboys. Wii and 360 is it. I haven't gone there at all in the last couple years. Such a crappy store.

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Really depends on your definition. Imo NOTHING on 360 is even remotely a hardcore game. It's all casual garbage aimed at morons, just violent. Sure you can try to play it hardcore but there's nothing deep about it. Hardcore gaming imo is getting way into PC FPS, Strategy, or some MMO games. I don't think there's even been a game this console generation that's in any way hardcore.

I wouldn't even call solitaire and simple puzzle type things gaming at all. They are designed for NON...

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Halo3 being even close to that list is a joke.

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Goth/anime qweer's wet dream?

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Downloadable hardware update?

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3736d ago

Fenix Juice?

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Multiplat games always turn out as mediocre junk.

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It kinda seemed like a pipe dream to begin with. Not many people have a connection that can upload like that. At best it would be streaming from Sony servers and they probably don't have the infrastructure for that yet.

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Just code words for nickel and dime charges to play a game. Maps being so overpriced is bad enough let alone charging for usable stuff like they all want to so bad.

The day where spending more money on DLC in a game makes you do better is the day gaming is dead imo.

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So much potential..... ends up as a mediocre epic fail.

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That demo was mediocre garbage. I was surprise how bad it turned out after all the hype.

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That's what they deserve for putting crippling and intrusive DRM on a game. Screw over your legit customers and they'll find a way to get it easy and free.... a week before launch.

BTW Spore is an amazingly epic failure. I can't believe how terrible it turned out.

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