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Not a chance I'm buying it at launch if ever. 360 was unreliable garbage and is still a crappy system imo. It's like watered down god awful PC gaming. Only way I would buy it is a must have launch game and reliable hardware... with an internal power supply. #14
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I wasn't all that excited up until watching the new vids up at game trailers.

Oh. My. God. Seriously the next defining step for FPS games. Cinematic on a completely new level. #14
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Bastards charging more for extra content from day 1. But dammit this game will be so awesome I might just have to get it. Almost anything else I'd say go to hell. #1
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Duh. Doesn't mean it's better for everyone. Teenage idiot who wants to play Halo and Gears on a crappy TV 360 is fine. Wii on the other hand is utter garbage and a total rip off. #11
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Why do you idiots even respond to such tiny pictures. Completely worthless. #5
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Never was. #31
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More garbage. #2
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Blu-ray laser costs went from like $150 at launch to less than $8 within like 6 months. Decoding hardware is the primary cost of a player and the Cell does that in PS3. Overally hardly more than a DVD drive.

What costs so much in PS3 is the quality construction and Cell/RSX chips. I mean the Wii and 360 are just plain garbage in comparison of quality and design. #109
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It deserves it. Surprising though because Gamespot editors are generally massive 360 fanboys. #62
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Yeah right
Nintendo is lying if they're saying they're only making $6 a console. It's Gamecube era hardware and the GC only lost like $9 launching at $199 and was down to $99 within 2 years. I'd be shocked if it cost them over $100 to manufacture a Wii. #1.9
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Of course it will. Blu-ray is the new movie and data standard. By the time the next Xbox comes out it will cost almost nothing more to use Blu-ray than a regular DVD drive anyways. It probably costs Sony almost nothing more right now. #74
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Spore is top disappointment for sure. I can't believe how hyped it was and what an utter failure it became. Seriously aside from the creature creation and SINGLE LEVEL that it mattered the game was so terrible. With this much time spent they must have worked on SOOO much other stuff and thrown it all out to get this pieced together garbage released. #9
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Vista is still quite terrible. #9
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I hope not
Really no point. 1080p will barely be everyone's standard by PS4. It's a much better idea to just optimize everything for a great 1080p picture with good anti aliasing and great effects. #25
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WORTHLESS SCREENS. But still will be great. #18
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Quit posting stupid crap like this. Anyone with the slightest hint of common sense would realize all digital downloads it a LONG ways off. Hell even going backwards with ISPs limiting bandwidth more and more. %99.9 chance all next gen console will have a Blu-ray drive. No one is going to make a mainstream game console that relies on everyone having a fast internet connection. #39
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Let's see
Early 2009 RTS - Empire:Total War or this........ not even close. Console garbage infecting RTS genre is so sad. #26
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Why surprise?
I'm surprised it didn't sell more. Probably a lot more people played version 9.0 when it was free.

But seriously Gary's mod is the coolest thing ever. Valve should take a hint on how to use their engine for fun physics gameplay. #3
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All they need
Is a PSP2. Touch screen, dual analog. Optional phone version. #17
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Don't care
If a game is garbage I don't expect any reviewer to suffer through the second half. You can pretty much tell an entire game by the first couple hours. #7
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