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Lol it's sad how every single bad thing about the X1 r true. I think the X1 is the worst console ever made hell I'll be surprise if its still around in 3 years or even close in sales to ps4 and I wouldn't be surprise if every die hard xbox morons switch 2 PS4 when every single games look better and play better on PS4 and has the best and way more exclusive games on ps4 as well. I just hope brain dead xbox morons luv halo forza and fable a lot as that's is all they will be get...

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Dude u must be retard Europe is also part of western and it's bigger then us and Sonys turf with the PS brand so whatever u say is pointless and yeah it's pretty sad that it only manage to sell 1 million with 13 countries compared to only 2 with Sony just wait and c how how much it's going to sell in Europe I bet close to 2 million so shut up and think before u type or just go learn witch countries r west and east.

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How about that it does a lot 4 it to equal 1080p at 60 like night and day weather and high res graphics compared to forza 5 let's say like no day and night no weather fewer cars and tracks on forza 5 plus it was rushed I can tell. So whatever u said is false and ps4 is better with game graphics then X1 hell every single games look better then X1 first or 3rd party games on PS4. Plus I'm glad they push DC at later date so we can get a complete experience with 1080p 60 weather high end ...

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Have ur eyes checked Xboxfanboy ryse looks shit and also is shit by reviewers killzone Infoumse SS DC and many more look way better then ryse and everybody knows that well that is to xbox bias who think 720p is better then 1080p . To put it simple at this point xbox fanboys or not everybody knows PS4 is the future of high def gaming and pretty much the gaming choice 4 this generation where xbox is the future of controlling ur TV:)

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Ur stupid if u think Sony won't have any exclusive games 4 2014 besides just infamous how about keep up with the news about games being release only on ps4 4 2014 and like people have said Sony hasn't even shown all of their big guns games by their 1rst party games such as from ND GG SM SJ SS and many more. Plus not only that all the 3rd party games look way better and feel better to play on PS4 as well. I just hope MS doesn't fail in making good new ips over the years 4 the xbox ...

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It's not really exclusiive as u can get it on PC so I think ur the one who needs to learn what exclusive is. Exclusive means it's on one platform not on 2 different platform witch is PC.

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Lol wow somebody had to many drinks take it easy on those drinks yo:)

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Freaking hate MS y should us PS owners suffer with a game that needs to be equal on both systems when PS4 is more powerful? I hope DEVS use the extra power to make the PS4 versions better and not downgrade to a weaker piece of shit cable box MS I hope the cable box is ur last console and get away from the console business as ur guys all u do is kill gaming 4 everybody with ur stupid policy and buying dlc instead of making some new IPS every few years like Sony is. BTW freaking luv my PS4 and ...

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While everything u said is true there's one thing that is not true witch is god of war copying prince of Persia y cause god of war is the game that redefined how fast pace quick time action game is today. POP in a lot of ways is like RSOR.

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IKR I'm like who is MS or turn 10 trying to fool the only reason y its able to do 1080P is it has fewer cars tracks no night or weather. I will say this again to people as many as it takes to make xbox morons or people who 2 stupid to know what cloud does is give u a slightly better connections AL. And able to save through cloud as well it does not and I mean it does not make the console give better graphics I mean let's be realistic here graphics r only made by humans with hardware a...

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Go home moron cause all those games still look miles way better then froza and have more content then froza as well I mean really only 200 cars 14 tracks no night or weather just drive star whatever it calls is new to FM5. I mean really fm4 has more content and is better then 5 with what it offers.

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OMG this is complete BS really turn 10 so let me get this straight fewer cars and tracks no day and night or weather effect but just better graphics on next gen. All I have to say is turn 10 ur officially like EA Capcom that r trying to give a game that is cut down content and rest r DLCS. I hope FM5 fails cause we deserve better then this. just BS is all I have to say.

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Yeah they aren't 1080p but all of those games run better on PS4.

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Let's face it everybody knows the X1 was rushed to compete with the PS4 and its futhore prove with what some of the Devs r saying about the X1 with the 720P and 30fps on almost all of their games. PS4 has already won this gen and it's only going to get better 4 it as X1 will be known the the biggest console mistake to release.

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F off xbox fanboy we all know ur butthurt that ur cable box is a peace of shit that all it's good at is doing gimmicks stuff and TV:)

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Gotta luv Sony lol:)

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Sony is back to the days they were with PS2 though they were still amazing with PS3 even though they had a rocky beginning with the ps3 being 600$ and hard to program 4 with 3rd party games.

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Dude u must be blind the cloud does not make games look better all it does is make better al. And slightly better connection on games that's it. So how about u start reading what things r and do before writing something that isn't true really people like u r laughable fanboys.

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Have fun with ur weaker gimmicks cable box while we enjoy games the way they r made to look best on PS4:)

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This dude must have very boring taste in games or just Luvs halo gears of war to no end.

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