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I also noticed three right hand equipment quick swap weapons too (short sword, axe and greatsword) during the dwarf axe throwing segment.

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Looks like the flashlight mod on select weapons (shotgun, etc.) isn't included. The environment seems like it does look brighter though. Trailer looks good.

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I'd like inclusion of mystery box that contains Ray Gun and Thunder Gun in MP. Take down them kill streak choppers always spawning above in seconds.

How about MP, mystery box and random zombie spawns? I highly doubt the MP will be much different than previous versions unless all modes are opened to 9v9 (console player count limit) and not just for Ground War (TDM & Domination modes only). Most wouldn't notice since they play in the small 6v6 modes anyway.

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Like what the article mentions most DS console owners like myself just assume the additional content and PvP improvements are going to be made available through paid for DLC and an update patch.

I think FromSoftware hasn't made any console announcements yet, because the PvP improvements patch is probably still in testing for consoles. I'm glad a PC version is in the making, but hopefully all platforms get equal treatment.

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Why not From Software just release a paid for "Prepare to Die" DLC for consoles? I think this announcement would mean a DLC plus patch is in the works for DS console owners that includes the PvP improvement.

I personally want no more level restrictions in general for coop or PvP. I think this will prolong interest in the game and make covenant items easier to obtain. There is definitely less ghost figures running around compared to 5 or 6 months ago. I hope From op...

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Pre-ordered for PS3.

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Pre-ordered PS3 version and can't wait until it ships to me from NewEgg.

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Not just regular Joe zombies, but Crimsons from NGC RE.

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I think Resident Evil Survivor is somewhat a FPS. Not certain, but it definite looks it.

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I really like this idea. (+Bubble)

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I concur. KZ2 was very good, but KZ3 is great. SP was a bit on the short side and MP 12v12 just wasn't enough chaos mixed in with team work, but overall in my opinion a better product. Each his own I guess, I have a feeling people are waiting for a price drop to pick it up even though there is a great demo and there was a good beta available. I think KZ2's heavier control and entire bullet clips to kill anyone in MP left a lot of casual gamers with a bitter taste to not want to pay fu...

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Already pre-ordered through Amazon previosly after being informed of Collector's Edition free upgrade, but yet the wait is so long. Awesome trailer BTW.

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Great review. Keep up the good honest work.

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MP is awesome, but I ran into never changing map issues. I think it had to do with people setting their preferred map or something to anything other than "ANY". Some what annoying being those folks should stay in the same map while people like me cycle onto other maps after match ends.

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Hopefully, he enjoys it just as much as I am. Couldn't put it down yesterday. Went to sleep thinking about it, both SP and MP. That's when I personally know for myself a game is great.

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Istanbull, that was genius! lol (+Bubble)

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You miss out the the Pre-Order bonuses though. Release Date Delivery is only $0.99 from Amazon and the two free KZ2 maps with $20 credit are nice bonuses. Good time to be a gamer though.

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I think this new promotion should apply to all existing pre-orders since the game hasn't released and based on the description stating credit applied 2 days after shipment.

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I played it safe by simply canceling my previous order and reordering. Doesn't hurt since you haven't been charged anything yet. I just wanted to make sure my order is the day of the promotion availability to ensure I got the credit later should I need to dispute. Release Date Delivery is only $0.99, which is a cheap price since the games already discounted anyway.

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I want my 16v16 back. I don't want there to be any safe spots to camp for long like in BF: BC2 which really could have used 16v16. There is an influx of Marksmen and Infiltrators and very few Tacticians in the games I played, which explains why we lost 5 straight matches. I got tired of being the only Tactician so I tried other classes and let us lose territory because lack of support from the many camping Marksmen that think Warzone is about KD. That's the other mode.

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