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You either like media features or you don't. I don't have an X1, but the PS4 media features are behind the xbox 360's media features. The tacked on mp3 player feature is sad. Streaming music into games plays the mp3 audio at the same time as the game audio #37
Oh no, someone has negatives about a PS4 exclusive. #64
So the best PS4 game is a PS3 game? Infamous was my fav PS4 exclusive. #15
I wish all games would let you skip. I think some dev load the game in the background while the cutscene is on. #1.3
MOFO should have been cheaper than $50 from the jump. A one year old remaster is a cash grab. #2
WTF has came out as far as exclusives for any system this entire year. Infamous Second Son was the only exclusive that even remotely wanted. #49
How can an OS for the same hardware not work the same on every piece of hadrware? #24.1.1
can't wait! #53
Is my players met tab fixed? It's been jacked since I purchased it. What about that thrown together USB music player? Dammit Sony. #24
JC2 was cool. #25
My players met tab is still screwed. In in-game usb music player is a sloppy joke, this is a 10 year old feature and Sony can't get it right.. It looks as if Sony is tacking on stuff ATM. Sony can promise stuff and never deliver and we will be happy as gamers. Maybe they will slap the "beta" tag on this so we will be happy. #48
Just think that EA tried to buy out the NBA. #9
I just want my friends list fixed. #37
Good and terrble! #2.1.1
Bad graphics and no recoil. I hope the fans like this one. #19
Just keep the game EA. Live 14 was complete trash. #1
The UI is trash, and my friends list is still broken. My players met/friends met tab is still blank. I have call tech support, adjusted router settings and everything. I looked at forums and I'm not the only one with this issue. It works great on my PS3. #8
Picked up Middle Earth on PS4 ad for the same price. The game is cool so far. #3
EA will never get a second chance. #7.1
I wish they would have. BF4 came out a year ago so what does this have to do with DC. In a few weeks when we see tons of used copies of DC at Gamestop we will know why. I often wonder how some companies review online games before there is even enough online traffic for that game. I purchased BF4 on PS3 at launch and since moved to the PS4 version, and I will never purchase a game is mostly played online at launch again. #34.3
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