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Trust me, Deus Ex Manikinded Divided wasn't as amazing as its predecessor, Human Revolution, but for $10 bucks it's absolutely a steal. Definitely a quality game, with much improved gameplay and control layout for consoles, and the story was great. If you are a Deus Ex fan, don't pass it up

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@Jhoward whaaaat!? Have you ever played a GT game ever? Driveclub has more in common with Burnout and Need for Speed than it does Gran Turismo.

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I don't think that's true, that nobody cares. I think non-white gamers might like to play as a character who has a similar background and similar life experiences to them once in a while. Let's be honest, most lead game characters are overwhelmingly white (or an ancient/alien race that still appears Caucasian somehow).

Just as an example, some little attention to detail here in WD2... ever notice how if you let Marcus stand idle in certain parts of the game wor...

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I totally agree. Definitely a good game, despite its shortcomings. It's definitely worth a playthrough for fans of the mafia series and open world action games.

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Opinion of a fun game is always subjective, but as someone who's sunk about 10 hours into mafia 3 over the weekend, I must say I'm really enjoying It. The game play is smooth and fun, driving feels awesome, and despite some glitches with graphics and lighting here and there, the environment and scenery is well realized.

There is no way to justify these 3,4,5/10 review scores. They're pure click bait. Mafia 3 is certainly not a 9/10 blockbuster, but it's far...

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I can honestly say (I'm at about 6 hours in to the game)the game can definitely be repetitive but the story and the gameplay are honestly enough to keep me going. I love the way the driving feels (especially if you change it in the menu to "simulation"), the gunplay is tight and headshots are nice and splattery, yeah the AI can be a little dumb during stealth gameplay, but lincoln's takedown moves are smooth and fun to execute. My biggest complaint so far is the lack of thin...

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I'll reserve judgement until I pick up my copy after work this afternoon.

But I will mention this: the review is very poorly written, and it's main complaint is that the game is "too repetitive" and that all the missions just involve "going from place to place killing people". The same Could be said for pretty much ANY action game, so I don't think it's fair to asses this particular mechanic against mafia 3, particularly when the author ...

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I'm more upset that these technologies could have been built into the original ps4/xb1 consoles, but they held back.. MS and Sony are trying to entice console gamers into a PC upgrade cycle. The reason myself and many others prefer consoles is because of the typical long life cycle and the fact that games are automatically optimized for the console without the user needing to run out and buy a new graphics card or other upgrades, in order to play upcoming games. Yeah, we know PC is better...

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I'm enjoying it as well! It's not a game for everyone, like you said. It takes thought, patience, and critical thinking (especially for the first few hours). Those are virtues that a lot of people don't want to put into a videogame—they want to fire up a game and be able to jump right in and get into the action and story. To me, NMS is more like a first person puzzle/problem solving game with some RPG and action elements thrown in.

@Servbot41 - just because you ...

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I can't put this game down, since I bought it two weeks ago. It's exactly what I heard it would be, although it is a little confusing in the first hour or two...

I'm not sure why there's so much hate for it, and I'm not sure about all the game crashes and bugs people are talking about. I've been ps4'ing NMS since day one and never experienced a bug, crash, or freeze...

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I don't care what anyone thinks of NMS, I'm loving it. I haven't found it repetitive yet, and I've found no problem in gathering most resources (just find a space station or an outpost and trade for the heridium, platinum, and other rare elements you need)... I'm about 15 hours in and I love it. Haven't experienced ANY crashes... Yet.

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Or "great graphics"...

Nonetheless, I actually enjoyed watchdogs and will probably pickup WD2 at some point..

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Forza Horizon is the only Forza series to have 30fps. The main Forza entries are all 60fps gameplay, including Forza 6 which launched under a year ago.

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Nah, I don't think it's obligatory. Despite the fact that MS and Sony compete in the console gaming market, I would imagine that the employees of both MS's Xbox division and Sony's Ps4 division are still just gamers at the end of the day. And gamers like awesome games.

I mean, I'm sure the Pepsi guys still like their Coke too.

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"I hardly play games in the summer"


I'm definitely not a shut-in by any means, but I prefer gaming year round. Nice, warm weather doesn't mean I can spend a day at the beach and a night in an air conditioned gaming sesh! ;-)... And in the northeast US, sometimes we get those unbearable tropics summer days where you would def rather be inside in the AC!

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I think it's the perfect time! I wish more big games would release during the summer months!

with Uncharted 4 in May, and No Man's Sky in June, we will have plenty of meat to chew on this summer as we wait for the platter of AAA blockbusters to start getting served up in September through December. Usually summertime is a gaming drought...

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I agree!!! Mad Max was a sleeper hit. Nobody played it at launch because it released alongside Phantom Pain. I'm not sure what it scored for reviews, but the driving, combat, and fighting were addictive and fun. I shelved Fallout 4 for almost 3 weeks because I couldn't put mad max down.

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I was (selfishly) thinking the same thing. Hoping my Santa-wife leaves Just Cause 3 under the tree...I've skipped on grabbing it, having been stuck in the Commonwealth Wasteland since Nov 10th.

But this hacking stuff on Christmas is utter garbage. What about family who live far apart, and maybe the best and most fun chance to link up over the holidays is to play a few matches of their favorite multiplayer game together? Or the kids that wake up Christmas morning to find a...

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I've owned an Xbox and a Sony console together since last generation, specifically for exclusive games. Started with a 360, then 2 years later bought a PS3 specifically to play MGS4 and Uncharted. This gen, I started with a ps4 but last winter bought an xb1 just for forza.

I mean, is there any reason to own both consoles other than not to miss out on awesome exclusive games?

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Graphically, fallout 4 is not the best looking game, but if you played FO3 and New Vegas, you would realize that textures, lighting and overall detail are MUCH improved in fallout 4.

Whatever "looking next gen" is supposed to mean, I think fallout 4 definitley looks to be an improved visual iteration in the series, as a result of more powerful consoles. Compare the ruins of DC or Vegas to the ruins of Boston... Everything is much more detailed and dense in fallout ...

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