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though not quite as major a flop as some of the games on this list, I'd have to add DriveClub to the list. Everything that went down with this game - from the original promise of "free", to the numerous delays, then the final release which was utterly broken for most players and the ps plus version being pulled from the store for months. And when I finally got my hands on the ps plus version when it hit the store a few weeks back, the gameplay was completely underwhelming and t... #1
I hope this patch fixes the issues with Geralt's horse. Every time I try to call Roach, he spawns in the middle of some trees or behind a brick wall or fence where I can't reach him. Literally almost every time! #1.7
Some of the decisions in the game have some real consequences! I was doing a quest that ultimately, due to my conversational choices, led the sorceress Keira Metz to turn against me and I had to fight and kill her! ...I did actually immediatley re-load the save point right before our conversation, because by battling and killing her, you fail 2 quests immediatley! #1.1.3
Seriously???? The city where the entire American Revolution began is not iconic??? You could've given any other reason why you don't like the setting, but "not being iconic" just doesn't work as a serious criticism. #1.1
Hey I own a ps4 and an xb1.. So while everyone fights over who has the "better console" I'll be getting my hopes up as I watch for updates on uncharted 4, no man's sky, and quantum break, knowing that I'll be able to enjoy all of them! #1.2
And George's island also - with its civil war fort and prison... Possibilities are endless #6.2.1
I am one very excited Masshole as well!

The outlying areas around Boston would make for some interesting settings and factions.. I'm thinking The brotherhood of steel could find some useful purpose for the GEneral Electric plant that occupies about 1/4 of the city of Lynn, about 5 miles north of Boston. That's where the first jet engine and much military hardware and expirements were produced over the years.

Also Salem is world renown for the Which... #2.3
And it's definitley set in My hometown, Boston MA! In the trailer we see the Bunker Hill monument, the state house, Fanuel Hall...

With the exception of the first portion of The Last of Us, I can't think of any other game that used Boston for the setting. I'm beyond excited to blast mutants in a setting I'm familiar with! #1.3.1
There was a time when they all at least came with instruction booklets, many of which narrated a bit of the story and introduced characters in the game. The fact that it even has a manual is astounding.

I think the last time every game you got had a manual inside was probably the ps2 era or so, right? I seem to remember most PS3/360 games moving more toward digital manuals that were available online or within the game menu. #1.4
And probably only 10% less broken than Unity. #1.1
I think it could be more worth it if they had more reasonable pricing for rentals, and once they figure out a better way to stream the games. I tried the free 7 day trial of ps now on PS4 and the two games I tried (uncharted 2 and Arkham City), streamed in pretty low quality to the point where the visuals looked like off screen YouTube gameplay. And I run my Ps4 With a wired connection to the router, so connection on my end can't get any better...To me, that's not worth the price of a... #1.8
I can only speak for myself, but I still play BF4 quite often - I didn't pick up Hardline, as it didn't interest me at all (BF is and always has been a military based setting) And I don't ever have a problem finding a slew of full matches to join in BF4 hardcore mode, so it must still be popular with the serious shooter fans.

Once they ironed out the bugs on the ps4 version, I think it's the best BF entry since BF bad company 2.

I wholly welco... #7.2
I can't believe how many people fell for this complete flame bait article. Yes, Sony has sold more consoles in more regions than MS. That is fact. Nothing else about this debate is fact, other than the lot of you just use it as some sort of cock measuring contest for Internet nerd cred.

neither Sony not MS give a shit about "gamers" or their fans. Both are giant corporations who are in the business of making as much profit as possible. If MS "cared" ab... #28
I totally agree! Forza does it right when it comes to racing. They have the best selection of cars and the selection is so varied! Every type and class of car imaginable exists in a forza game and it is beyond my imagination how much you can actually customize, tune, and completely personalize your car in the paint editor. I've had as much fun trying to recreate classic race liveries in the vynil editor, as I have racing...I think I spent about 3 hours one rainy afternoon making my '9... #5.1
I love miss information.. She's super hot!!!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

But honestly, I haven't loved the PSN Plus offerings this generation. When I had my PS3, it was awesome and the games were incredible AAA games, many of them former blockbusters. So far it has been indies, which are okay, but I would like to be able to download a game that doesnt look like it could run on a phone or a tablet or a SNES console. And I just got an xbox one two we... #1.2.2
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A new GTA would take years to release given Rockstars track record of painstaking detail and quality. Probably won't even be announced until 2017 for a 2018 realesed date.
In that time, I would gladly take a few single player DLC's to expand the story of the GTA V world while we wait for the next installment! #2.3
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Hey I'm all for Noble causes and stickin' it to the man... But I couldn't boycott a metal gear game even if I tried!

One of my top 3 favorite game franchises of all times, spanning multiple consoles and story lines. I couldn't miss a new one for anything, Sorry! #1.2.2
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The last midnight club was awesome, but it was like the Dark Souls of the racing genre... Any races beyond a green or yellow difficulty ranking were just unforgiving punishment that were nearly impossible to win, regardless of your cars rank and upgrades. Even some of the yellow or "medium" difficulty races were extremely hard, but doable with the right car and skill. Hopefully if they make another MC they will iron out the difficulty curve! #1.4
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What? ???

That is literally the dumbest reason for wishing a game was exclusive to a console. If anything, it should be exclusive so that devs can take full advantage of ps4 hardware. But still... There are way more hardcore MGS fans out there that don't own a Sony console, so why should they have to miss out? #11.1
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"Aren't personal blogs allowed on N4G?"

Only if the personal blog is reflective of unwavering support and approval of a Sony product, or disapproval of a Microsoft product. Then the opinions will be taken as fact, by the N4G community at large.

C'mon... Didn't you know this by now? This is N4G.... Not a place for real news or sensible objective discussion! #17.1
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