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I agree!!! Mad Max was a sleeper hit. Nobody played it at launch because it released alongside Phantom Pain. I'm not sure what it scored for reviews, but the driving, combat, and fighting were addictive and fun. I shelved Fallout 4 for almost 3 weeks because I couldn't put mad max down. #1.2.3
I was (selfishly) thinking the same thing. Hoping my Santa-wife leaves Just Cause 3 under the tree...I've skipped on grabbing it, having been stuck in the Commonwealth Wasteland since Nov 10th.

But this hacking stuff on Christmas is utter garbage. What about family who live far apart, and maybe the best and most fun chance to link up over the holidays is to play a few matches of their favorite multiplayer game together? Or the kids that wake up Christmas morning to find a... #16.1
I've owned an Xbox and a Sony console together since last generation, specifically for exclusive games. Started with a 360, then 2 years later bought a PS3 specifically to play MGS4 and Uncharted. This gen, I started with a ps4 but last winter bought an xb1 just for forza.

I mean, is there any reason to own both consoles other than not to miss out on awesome exclusive games? #1.7
Graphically, fallout 4 is not the best looking game, but if you played FO3 and New Vegas, you would realize that textures, lighting and overall detail are MUCH improved in fallout 4.

Whatever "looking next gen" is supposed to mean, I think fallout 4 definitley looks to be an improved visual iteration in the series, as a result of more powerful consoles. Compare the ruins of DC or Vegas to the ruins of Boston... Everything is much more detailed and dense in fallout 4. #1.5
I'm about 10 hours in and I'm loving fallout 4 so far. The gameplay is actually much improved over previous games in the series, particularly fallout 3 and new Vegas..

And if your not liking the "pace"'of the game, then you've likely never played and loved a fallout game before. They are all a bit slow paced as there's looting and talking to characters involved. Were you expecting to be running through a hail of gunfire, while some gruff Sargent-... #1.2.4
I had originally been approved for 2 weeks off for Fallout... I don't usually use vacation time or call out sick, so i definitley had the time to use... But then i figured I'd transfer one week to September for the Phantom Pain. hehe #10.1
I took the whole week off! I Coulda worked on monday, but i figured I'd take monday too (just to play New Vegas and get hyped all day before I go to the midnight release) at GameStop!) haha! #1.1.4
It's not about standing in line. Some of us just prefer a physical retail copy. I know I do. I just want something to slide into my DVD tower full of video games when all is said and done.

Only games I download digitally are the free offerings for PS plus and Games with gold, Or certain bargain buys on Steam #3.1
My hometown, Lynn MA is represented on the location list! (Lynn woods and Lynn pier parking). looks like the city of Lynn is moving from gangs of cryps and bloods to gangs of raiders and super mutants.

Awesome. #3
For me it's like this: if a little kid knows there's a toys r' us bag containing Christmas
Gifts for him/her sitting in the closet next to them... They're more likely to peek into the bag and see what's there, then to convince themselves they'd rather be surprised on Christmas morning. Sure they can't take the toys out of the bag and open the boxes and play with them until Christmas, but maybe seeing a few things that they know will
Be under the tre... #1.3
I dunno man... A lot of the combat looks very much revised and improved. He's basically playing the game like a standard FPS/action game with no trouble: that's a feat in itself as the manual shooting controls were so clunky in previous fallout games, that it was a real challenge to be able to cleanly kill enemies without using the VATS targeting mode. This will be helpful because, as cool as VATS shooting is, when your overrun by a large group of enemies and you've blown all your... #1.1.5
Nope. Not everyone has finished or played the game, including myself, so if you just spoiled it for me, than thanks I guess... You could've at least made a title that warned of a spoiler and me and others could've scrolled right past

Smh. #1.3.1
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What???? That seems like a dumb change to make. Infra-red optics would definitley pick up heat signatures through smoke. Now, I can only assume that people will spam smoke grenades all over the place in enclosed maps like Op Metro, and tactical players will have nothing to counter it with.

This is one of those changes that kind of annoys me as a long time BF player. Sometimes it seems as though DICE caves to casual complainers quite a bit. There have been other features of... #2.1
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I think it's the publishers that defend cash-grab gaming like micro transactions and day-1 DLC. Developers are artists, who are usually focused on making a great end product (which is not to say they aren't pressured into making crap by the publishers) #4.1.2
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Cannot wait for this game! Hopefully I'll be done with Fallout by Feb 26th!! #7
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Witcher 3 was never "broken"... At least not on ps4 where I've been playing it abundantly since May... Patches have optimized things here and there and fixed small glitches etc, but Witcher had a solid release and wasn't buggy or unplayable in the slightest for me...

Last year's AC on the other hand... Yeah that was a total mess for months before it was playable... #2.1.1
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Am I the only one here who thinks GTA online is a ton of fun?

It def had serious flaws around the first few months it launched, but once they fixed adjusted the mission payouts to a decent amount of money, and fixed the playlist glitches, it's been great fun - especially with friends. #3
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To my hands, no controller feels better than te 360/Xb1 controller. If I can use my xb1 controller with my ps4 I'm all about this little dongle thingy! Also a friend of mine is building me a PC for gaming so I wonder if it will work for PC also? #9
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Still playing battlefield 4 with no trouble finding full matches as well!

I think it depends on the game and it's fanbase. #5.1.1
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It's really all just player preference. For me, the "extra kick"
If get out of a racing game is to play a full race in a modified and tuned car in Forza, and play it in full sim mode, with all the assists off. It's an edge-of-your-seat challenge to try and keep your car in control and ahead of the pack in that situation.

Where most of the racing games you mentioned wouldn't give me the thrill I look for in a racer. #14.1
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