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I love miss information.. She's super hot!!!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

But honestly, I haven't loved the PSN Plus offerings this generation. When I had my PS3, it was awesome and the games were incredible AAA games, many of them former blockbusters. So far it has been indies, which are okay, but I would like to be able to download a game that doesnt look like it could run on a phone or a tablet or a SNES console. And I just got an xbox one two we... #1.2.2
A new GTA would take years to release given Rockstars track record of painstaking detail and quality. Probably won't even be announced until 2017 for a 2018 realesed date.
In that time, I would gladly take a few single player DLC's to expand the story of the GTA V world while we wait for the next installment! #2.3
Hey I'm all for Noble causes and stickin' it to the man... But I couldn't boycott a metal gear game even if I tried!

One of my top 3 favorite game franchises of all times, spanning multiple consoles and story lines. I couldn't miss a new one for anything, Sorry! #1.2.2
The last midnight club was awesome, but it was like the Dark Souls of the racing genre... Any races beyond a green or yellow difficulty ranking were just unforgiving punishment that were nearly impossible to win, regardless of your cars rank and upgrades. Even some of the yellow or "medium" difficulty races were extremely hard, but doable with the right car and skill. Hopefully if they make another MC they will iron out the difficulty curve! #1.4
What? ???

That is literally the dumbest reason for wishing a game was exclusive to a console. If anything, it should be exclusive so that devs can take full advantage of ps4 hardware. But still... There are way more hardcore MGS fans out there that don't own a Sony console, so why should they have to miss out? #11.1
"Aren't personal blogs allowed on N4G?"

Only if the personal blog is reflective of unwavering support and approval of a Sony product, or disapproval of a Microsoft product. Then the opinions will be taken as fact, by the N4G community at large.

C'mon... Didn't you know this by now? This is N4G.... Not a place for real news or sensible objective discussion! #17.1
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Yes, Kingvendrick. PROUD multi console owner, actually. What, because I can actually look at things objectively and not be blinded by fan loyalty to a brand???

This might blow your mind, but not EVERY person who owns a ps4 thinks ALL the ps4 exclusives are amazing simply by default and/or that they deserve a pass when they have rocky launches or release without promised features and/or features that work.

Any studio and publisher that has a launch fiasco li... #13.1
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While FC3 and 4 are great, I really wish Ubi would return to some of the elements of FC2. The malaria, Weapons that degraded and jammed or misfired over time, having rival factions call you in the middle of a mission and offer their own reward for completeing the mission in a different way. Plus a main character who wasn't some "American Hero" type. I still think FC2 was my favorite in the series so far, respawning gaurd posts and all

I hope FC doesnt become a... #14
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I love how whenever a game release in broken form, and clearly overhyped, you are all the first to start an uproar about "lazy devs" and "shady publishers". You all say "game companies should be taught a lesson!!! We must vote with our wallets!!" Let alone, the vitriol and hate you level against game companies that make promises of free content and then walk back on those promises...

But here we are with a game that has done all of those things... #10
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So what, becuse we're professional adults we should what, Come home from work and watch some vapid reality television show about rednecks in child beauty pageants or mountain people living in Alaska??? What, should just come home, loosen our ties and get immersed in some pop culture e-reader hit on our kindle like '50 shades of grey'?

That's my argument to any other adult that wants to criticize my hobby as an adult gamer. It's not any more rediculous or... #10
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Yeah, because god forbid a Playstation exclusive isn't praised up and down by the entire community to be the next blockbuster hit and/or the next amazingly innovative thing to hit consoles.

So, yeah, lets vote down EuroGamer (along with other reputable sites), because we're butthurt by their opinion of a game thats not far from release and apparently is not as amazing or groundbreaking as we all had hoped.

If its fun for you, that's all that m... #1.9
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Stupid headline. This isn't a question for everyone to interpret, as it really is up to the adult to determine.

I'm 34, married, full time job, and right now only own a ps4, but I want an xb1, and I wouldn't even rule out a Wii-U. Last gen, I had a 360 and a PS3 and it was great because there wasn't ever a dull moment.

Then again, my wife and I have consciously decided not to have children, simply because we love our quality of life: that mean... #1.6
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Abzdine, are you retarded??? We all know BF4 had a shitty launch and wasn't fixed until months later, and we all know that EA doesn't give a shite, but to say that Dice hasn't supported the game in a year is just ludicrous and is absolute proof you obviously haven't layed your hands on the game in quite some time, if at all. Dice has kept on top of BF4 since ironing out the launch and connectivity issues. From dropping community challenges, to issuing free content and gold ba... #1.1.3
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I hate to even admit that the only console I own is a PS4, because i don't want to be lumped in with you lot of whimpering crybaby Sony fanboys.

Just fucking listen to yourselves!!!!!

Having a dick measuring cock-off just to feel good about which chunk of plastic sits under your television. Bunch of wankers, all of you.

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So you're still enjoying a remaster from last gen and a game that only works half the time, huh? Cool story bro. #27.1
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Yeah, this is just a joke at this point. Not even interested in Driveclub anymore... maybe I will take a crack at the ps plus edition IF it ever releases, but i sure as hell won't upgrade. I'm not going to support devs like this, nor do I think Sony deserves one cent of my money over this fiasco.

So call me entitled, but I'll take my free edition and run with it, thanks. #1.12
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I think what makes it lack the dogfighting intensity is that the flight controls are so goddamn counterintuitive that it's frustrating. I hated the mouse-style control that was set to default on the Ps4 version. And no matter how many times a messed around with the control setup wizard, something was always off when I played. I really want to love War Thunder, but the controls prevent me from enjoying it.

Not sure why they couldn't have figured out a typical flight s... #1.1
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@Skate AK,
I would say this failure is definieh worse than what happened to BF4 at launch. Bf4 experienced most of its problems on the PC around its launch, at the time I got it last fall, it worked fine on PS3 and when I got my ps4 this winter and upgraded my PS3 disc the only time I had trouble was with the lag that happened with the Naval Strike DLC.

Meanwhile, Driveclub is exclusive to only one console, no last gen or PC versions were developed. And even after a y... #2.2.5
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Hahha, yea this guy 3-4-5 only owns an XB1, definitley not a ps4. That makes sense, now I understand why he's so upset about the low rating of a highly anticipated overly hyped Ps4 exclusive. Probably he's upset because he only owns an Xbox and can't play this poorly recieved game on his console.... But goddamned Polygon and their unfair reviews!!!! /s

Gotta love that N4G logic! #1.4.4
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Totally confused by the score, especially as the review is largely positive and makes little to no mention of any negative aspects of the content or server stability issues whatsoever, yet they score it at 5/10?? That's a troll score for a pretty positive review. Sounds like he meant 7/7.5

Here's the final wrap from the article:

"DriveClub doesn't have any one element that makes it an incredible game or a huge leap forward for the racing genr... #1.18
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