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polarised just means that only light waves coming from a single direction (ie where you're looking at) are allowed in, so you get less interference from other areas ie 'glare'. It's done by physically blocking the other rays in a similar fashion to placing your hand against your brow to block the sun.
so yea, I cant see how it would be able to adversely affect vision. #2
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methinks we just need to figure out a way to do the reverse on certain individuals :P

Seriously though that's a really awesome idea - it doesn't help him speak per se, but rather allows him to control a voice synthesiser through thought. It does sound like it needs a bit of development though, the "long-term goal is to have the patient produce words directly within five years" #4
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doesn't matter - it was a good enough call for it to be repeated - I lol'd #3.1
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@Fallen Angel
Agree with Baldurs Gate II being an improvement on I.
In the screenshot they're playing the BGI story (they're standing just outside Candlekeep) in the BGII engine (probably though a mod like TuTu or BGTrilogy)

Not the greatest article imho - no fallout and no planescape in a top-rpg's list just doesnt seem right (especially when neverwinter nights is on there). #1.11
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I think the main point the article is trying to get across is that investing slightly more to get a more power efficient power supply will be worth it in the long run once power costs are factored in. #5
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It can be enabled in Settings->labs, and then edited in Settings.

I cant believe I'm only discovering the labs thing now - theres some pretty decent stuff in it - like adding new stars (gmail traditionally has 1), a custom links bar, custom lables, custom date lables, and snake among others.
Best thing since the CustomizeGoogle extension for firefox! #1
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@CDaja - Spydiggity's comment was that it would cost* more to port it to a new system than what it'd return to them in sales. I think this would apply even moreso to the wii as porting it to run on wii-hardware would be incredibly difficult indeed, and most of the wii crowd probably wouldn't buy it anyway. #3.8
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I've got Trackmania: Forever too, and i must say the 3D mode is great for novelty value. I did find it a bit harder to pull off some of the tighter turns though (it kinda messes with your depth perception, not necessarily in a bad way, but it's still different to what I was used to) #1.2
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1. Admit that "32-bit operating systems can't see a full 4GB of RAM, but we used that capacity anyway (as well as 2GB) for the simple reason that it's easier to get memory in those capacities than in more precise amounts."

2. Proceed to compare 2gb systems to 4gb systems, and compare the results against memory speed increases and DDR type.

3. Fail <-and I must say I don't use the term lightly (In their defence it probably wouldn't have altered the overal... #1
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For the vast majority of games on the market at the moment a Dual-Core processor will almost always beat an equivalently priced Quad-Core. Quad core's will probably be a bit more future-proof and have other benefits in running processor intensive applications (zipping files, encoding video/music etc). In February I went with a dual core and I don't by any means regret it - at the rate that they're implementing software support Ireckon by the time I *need* a quad core it will probably be time... #5.2
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gee, I really didn't see the 8-core thing coming :P #3
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what if it gets stuck?
It's annoying enough when a $2 packet of chips gets stuck after you paid for it, but imagine if the same happened with a $200 handheld! #11
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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
The haunted mansion at the start had me on my toes, and the snuff film thing was pretty disturbing. #16
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Yeah, I think endgadget was a bit devious with that, especially with the P4 comparison - a 5ghz quad core will process things a lot better than an old 9ghz p4 - it's simply got better architecture. #3.1
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...but the pandora is more powerful and more customisable, it certainly has it's place. #4.1
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I can't see people doing too well in the Advanced and Challenge modes on a console - I found them difficult enough with mouse aiming (and still couldn't manage gold in a few of them). I suppose the challenge modes which only count your number of steps or number of portals would be doable, but the timed ones would be hectic as with a controller. #22
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Yeah, what the hell is she looking at exactly...she looks a little *too* interested imho #1.2
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haha - love it
because we all know we can't have send a marine to battle without first teaching him the intricacies of dominoes. #9.2
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gotta love! #1
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