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Yeah it was a smart purchase by Microsoft.

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Everybody knows that Killzone was one of the worst games of 2013. The universal scores were very low. Don't throw the metacritic scores out there because overall Killzone was a disappointment. Y'all love to hunt down the best review scores you can find knowing that there are 10 bad scores for every good one you can find. PS4 users just accepted it but some even stubbornly defended it....denial at it's worst. No Xbox One exusives on that list.

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Yeah because if PS Vue is going to be $60 you might as well keep cable or satellite. Tho PS Vue has no official price PS Now should be an indication that it'll be high. I'm going with Sling TV.

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Very weak. Stop trying and just go beat your meat.

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I have both and prefer the X1. These guys up here try to say I don't have a PS4. That's nonsense. I send them a personal message of my PSN name. They never send a friend request so I can prove them wrong.

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I noticed in Uncharted 3 there was way too much climbing. I dont want all the climbing to take the place of the gun shooting action. I just read less than 2 months ago that Uncharted 4 is in the alpha stages of development. So I'd be surprised if it really releases in 2015 unless it releases unproperly tested, full of glitches and bugs. We'll see.

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It's better than any exclusive PS4 released in 2014.

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Really Illumiroom is the key to making the Xbox Division take off. I know everyone I showed the video to or sent links to was blown away by Illumiroom. Major Nelson also said that the reception was overwhelming and that they would look into it further. Samsung was supposedly going to manufactor affordable projectors for it. The Illumiroom would destroy Virtual Reality Headsets especially if the price was right. It'll at least peep more interest. VR will be as thrilling as 3D TVs which wen...

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It is impressive for consoles. But game wise the Xbox One did shine a little brighter in 2014 with higher rated games. Plus the X1 still has features that the PS4 doesn't because of constant updates. MS has too much money to sit back and not put up a good fight this year.

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My PS+ lapsed 3 weeks ago but I'll make sure I renew it tomorrow. I want the free PS4 games this month.

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I will eventually buy one this year.

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Yeah smartphones killed the Vita. Now the PS Vita TV is dropping in price already because of weak sales.

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So they really wanted a X1 but the price was too high for them. Cool. Now the PS Vita TV is taking a price cut in America because how poorly they've been selling. Cool

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The author should abandon journalism.

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Not in my home. Xbox Live has never been down with me. I play everyday. PSN goes down way more. It's the norm...get used to it.

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You said that like I didn't have to buy 3 PS2's because they kept malfunctioning with disk read errors.

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This gen does have the most remasters. Also this gen is the least impressive as far as games. When the PS2 released I enjoyed gaming way more. Now we're entertained off of hype.

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Playstation = adventure games
Xbox = shooters

Fair enough

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Way too much for old games. Some of those games are nearly 20 years old.

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I was on the Xbox Live all last night up until 4am. I had no issues whatsoever. These stories have to be fake or exaggerated because every time they say XBL is down, it's never down for me. XBL has a 100% success rate at my house. Fake unapproved stories from Sony fanboys. How come no other major gaming site reports XBL being down as much as N4G? N4G is the only one. Lol

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