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That trailer looked kinda dull...I don't know, just seemed meh.

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Well, when you represent a company and act a fool, what do you expect?

His career didn't end because of personal beliefs, it ended because he is stupid.

personal, oh god.

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I think you need to look up the word 'context', then learn to comprehend its meaning.

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You are gonna make a great parent!


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Yeah, I think we have enough humans on the planet there buddy.

So to use your logic...

Man plus man equal no baby. we could use less babies being made right now.

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Those are some heavy burdens in life you had to deal with. I am sorry to hear of your great hardships. Hopefully one day you will be able to overcome those hurdles that life has so savagely thrown at you with reckless abandon all because you have been born with white skin. It is shameful what struggles you had to endure.

...give me a break.....

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I'm not in the market for a Switch, but that yellow is hot!

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So true.

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The insecurities are real with a lot of you hypocrites. Unsurprising and typical however.

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Well if you treat everyone equal, their birth gender shouldn't matter....because you treat everyone equal.

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This was fun on the Vita. Tough little game for sure.

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I know some people love it....but I thought Everybodys gone to the Rapture was Bollocks! That was the single worst game I have ever purchased. If I could have gotten a refund, I would have.

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What if the dev wanted to include gay characters? Are you suggesting all gay things in video games is only there because devs were bullied into putting it there?

Don't be insecure, problem solved.

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Oh don't you worry, they will still do both.

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I didn't disagree or agree..... but I'm pretty sure your disagrees are because of ....."they are pure trash"

sensationalism doesn't help your point even if you are dealing with facts.

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You are not a gamer.

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Wow, a link to the Playstation store. Thanks for such an informative article.

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The first Dead Space was something special.

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Oh, I'm not on it 2pac. like you said sex or straight. It's just that you guys cry so much when it's the gay version.

And then you cry again and call pandering. When pandering goes both ways, just like my original comment pointed out. I don't mind the sex at all, I just mind when you guys make it a hypocritical double standard.

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you're always singing that a broken record.

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