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Yeah, thanks to competition we all get to pay $60 a year to access online play. yippie!!

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That seems like way too much after watching that video.

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Gonna take a bigger price drop than Black Friday for me to bite.

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Think that might have something to do with Comcast. I have HBO through AT&T and I use HBO Go on my PS4 since the launch of HBO Go on consoles.

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HBO Go is a companion app for people who subscribe to HBO through their cable provider. HBO Now is a stand alone app where you can purchase an HBO subscription to access HBO content.

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No, just sticking with my original for now. Not worth the upgrade for me.

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thought so....HDR doesn't really mean anything to me as a standard HDTV owner. Just gonna wait for PS5 to get a new TV, I'm content at the moment.

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Yeah, but don't you need a TV that supports HDR?

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I'm a Playstation only gamer, but corroios didn't say anything about MS.

Why is it every time someone knocks Playstation, there are people that defend that by what MS is doing? What the hell does MS have to do with anything he said?

You guys are so damn sensitive and insecure.

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* better graphics and framerate are subject to the discretion of the developers and how much "better" these will be are subject to the discretion of your cognitive ability.

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I just don't think the slightly better visuals and framerate, depending on the developer, is even worth it.

more money, time, and setup, just to see a slight bump at the developers discretion is pointless to me. Just gonna wait for PS5.

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I know I do, but I'm also not buying a Pro. Not enough benefits for me to even bother.

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Yeah, I was looking for that video or images of Paragon, but couldn't find it.

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Are there any videos that show PS4 Pro Vs. PS4 on a standard HDTV?

Couldn't you see a difference on a lower res video clip if they were side by side?

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Why is free 2 play shame?

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I think it looks pretty fun! I also like the idea that the characters and humor come from a H.S. kid's head through his doodles and drawings. I'm definitely going to be checking it out on release...but I'm also a sucker for paper, rock, scissors, PvP competitive games.

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Didn't he say on Colbert that you could play with your friends?

Or he said the only way you can see what your character looks like is if another player sees you?

There were a couple other interview clips where he made it seem like you could meet other players although it is rare.

I mean, I don't really care but I did see those clips with my own eyes and he definitely alluded that other players can be found/seen/played with. ...

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I do feel bad for him as well....but, it really is his own fault. He made statements from his own mouth that were not true. Sony didn't make him say those things. He had many chances to correct the misconceptions created.

It definitely will be a lesson learned the hard way for him. While I was never really interested in the game myself, I did admire his passion for his work.

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Never played the first one so Titanfall is new to me, but I find it pretty damn fun to play. My biggest complaint right now is the matches are over so quick. Right when it starts to get good, the match is over. I only played the Amped and pilot vs pilot game modes...didn't even try the one with A.I.
Not sure I am going to buy it however. Need to see all the content available in the base game.

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I think one big thing is yes it is all those things you said, but it is also sold for $60.

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