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seriously, I mean, how is that "mistake" even made.

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What was the amount of preorders?

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Yeah, that is crazy that you can't use the app unless you are a subscription member.

It should be online play will cost the money and everything else is the very least.

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damn, shots fired!

That was just nasty.

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While I do think that is not enough of a bonus for an online subscription. They did state that the "free" monthly title will have "newly-added online play". So maybe those old monthly games will have some added content in some way. It would be kinda neat to play the original Mario Kart with online capabilities.

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It sounds like you have to pay to use the app on your phone as well. That makes zero sense.

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I would agree with you if I had kids. I would definitely get a Switch if I had kids.

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You do get 1 NES/SNES game per month, that can be used for 1 month.

I don't know, until we know the price of the their online service there really is no point in debating it.

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disc trashing?

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We are in the same waters, but our boats are actually really different. I would go through and cite those differences, but we don't know all the information yet.

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wow @ ABizzel1, that link....

You actually have to pay for a sub to use an app on your phone...silly.

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To each his/her own, but lol.

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So for $300 you get the tablet part, the dock, the joy controllers and a standard controller? Or do you have to buy the pro standard controller separate?

Thanks Vegamyster

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Are you saying it doesn't come with the dock for $300?

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I remember when Xbox fanboys said that.....oh no I don't, because they happily paid for it and brought the sickness to all the consoles.

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I tried to stand with you when it started with MS, but it is not going away at this point.

If we all got together and all canceled our subs tomorrow maybe, but we as a community are not that organized so we will just pay it and complain.

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The time for that was when Xbox Live started charging. Gamers should have stopped it then. I didn't support it, but too many did. It is never going away.

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Well Sony doesn't think they should have to pay for you to stream all your PS3 games for free on your PS4.

Streaming does cost money ya know.

Yes, it would be damn cool to download any PS3 game onto PS4 and play it, but that is not going to happen.

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I too signed up for the $99/ year when they did the first promo and ran into the same problem. I thought the service was great and it worked really well for me, but I never really used it because I was busy playing PS4 games. That year went by and my service has ended, but I only completed one game on Now (Ratchet and Clank) and only played a few others...Ni No Kuni being one of them.

That is why PS Now is just another option for gaming and it i...

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why do you care so much? It doesn't affect you. Obviously the game is not for you, so ignore and move on.

There are games targeted toward every member of society and not sure what you mean by "normal games"?

As gay man, I enjoy seeing gay characters in games, sorry if that offends you, but oh well.

Do we really need games where you decapitate people, or sexy dating sims?

Everyone on here always suppo...

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