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Yes, your comment fits right in. How proper...

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Dude, he's saying that the competition what it is that's making interesting.

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Well Incognito Entertainment was the dev behind Warhawk. Then they split and formed Eat.Sleep.Play and Lightbox Interactive. some of the devs from Incognito went to Lightbox. I think that split and a new contract with Sony is what produced Starhawk.

It wasn't a direct sequel and why it didn't share the Warhawk name. I think their plan was to form this new studio, create this new game (Starhawk), and roll it into a series. Starhawk didn't become the success Warh...

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Get a major credit gift card with balance of $50.
Use the card for your free trial.
Cancel before trial ends.
Use card for other free trials.
If Sony gets hacked the most you lose is $50.

I have used 1 $50 gift card since PS3 for any free trials. Never used a real credit card on my console.

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This was never a BC solution...I know, tough to comprehend.

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But where are all the crotch shots, bulging balls, bent over butts, and sexually suggestive poses when it comes to males and the "same treatment"?

A males bare chest is not sexually suggestive...either are huge muscles.

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The Switch has a lot of appeal, but the casual crowd that boosted the Wii to great heights will not be participating this time around.

The Wii cracked the code like fidget spinners and crazy bands, people bought Wii's that never owned systems before. I just don't see Switch becoming a "must have" among the regular population like Wii did. I mean, you had moms, grandmas, and grandpas playing Wii...but it wasn't because of certain games, 3rd party suppor...

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^^Poorly educated alert^^

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oh great, now we have submission police...

I hope you are this detailed with all the other submissions.

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Well, the worst way to play them is to NOT play them at all. $99/year for 500+ games.... you can't get that anywhere else.

I finished Ratchet and Clank and halfway through Ni No Kuni on PSNow without any issues. It really depends what type of gamer you are for this service to hold value.

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I don't know... $99/year for 500+ games you can play at the push a button is a great value. I tried the sub last time they had the $99/year, and I was pretty impressed how well it worked.

It definitely is not for every gamer, but a lot of people downplay it too much for what it offers.

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Yeah, they should give you a PS4 Pro with a Plus subscription too because hell, for $5/month I want it all. You guys are damn silly.

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Even after everything you listed...a console is still more convenient because everything you listed is also found on PC.

I can still take my console out of the box, hook it up quickly, and be fine for 5 years knowing I have to do nothing with the hardware again. I haven't done anything to my PS4 since plugging it in and setting it on my shelf since day one. I'm gaming just fine...

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The convenience of a console is more important than the power of a PC to me.

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Insecure guys who think hundreds of thousands of years of male dominance is in jeopardy because some females want an event for themselves.

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a lot of insecure "men" here.

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Yes, I do remember that post as well. definitely a feel good story for sure.

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gosh...stop shoving your disabilities down our throats!

....totally a joke. actually most disabled individuals need an escape more than the able bodied do. Love to hear when companies, devs, and non-profits go above and beyond to give the gift of gaming to those with roadblocks.

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I am curious to know what you think is the pinnacle of art then?

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What a super ultra mega lame excuse.

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