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You can stop downplaying PSVR now. It's OK to be wrong. Sorry the 'fad' didn't pan out like you hoped.

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You want original games, but not interested in indie games?

Does not compute...

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They tried that investment before...where were you?

So this is the second time they will throw money at producing development studios and games. You are optimistic, I will give you that, but MS has a bad history of lies.

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A catalyst for change has to start somewhere. There are many reasons why BF was at the forefront for this issue.

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I never played Skyrim. While I don't think I will complete the game in VR, I am definitely going to buy and play it in VR. Regardless on how much of the game I will complete, it looks like tons of fun just messing around in the world!

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Very happy to hear that they are happy with the success of their game. It's almost like the perfect gaming story from beginning to end. Gamers satisfied + Developers satisfied + Quality product = everyone wins!

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Thanks, that does make sense after the initial reduction. ..they still some huge turds though for that crap in the first place.

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The proprietary memory card prices killed the Vita. It was dead out the gate because of that single reason. I still own one, and it is a great system. The support would have been there, but the initial sales didn't convince Sony to continue supporting it.

EVERYONE said they would buy a PSP2 if it had dual analog sticks. Sony bet people would pay the price for Vita and the memory card prices, they were wrong...Vita died.

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Dude, you are like the armchair supreme commander with your comments all the time!

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I'm down for Resistance 4, but I want it off the heels of Fall of Man....the first one.

The first Resistance was amazing!

two classes, humans vs. chimera, both with distinct pros and cons. running/and map for humans, rage and heat vulnerability for chimera. both playing differently. both using their respective tech and advantages over the other. They went loadouts for the sequel and took away the distinct characteristics of the two "races"....

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Don't worry, multiple expansions and Destiny 3 are right around the corner.

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That trophy made me stop trophy hunting! No joke!

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You already pre-ordered Destiny 3 didn't you?

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Maybe in part 3...just keep buying it until it's the game you want it to be. I'm sure they are not just trying to string you along and drip you dry. This is Destiny 1 all over again and you guys are suckers!

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That thinking is what makes it ineffective.

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And Bioware...oops, too soon...............maybe.

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^^Games as a Service^^

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Casinos should have a "prize" for every hand played. Play a $5 hand, guaranteed to receive $.10 chip....but you might win more.

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What are these? Looks like more movies have been made as the years progress. You probably haven't heard of many of them because they don't make money....hence why they don't make more.

Hollywood is a business, and it just happens that people don't pay money to see bible/christ movies as much as others.

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