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This game looks awesome. Love the art style. These devs make great games!

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You can change your view....did you read this post? 2 buttons on the side of main page.

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Definitely miss the old N4G, but I know that's just because I was comfortable with it. Will take a little time to get into this new version. I am glad it is fairly customizable because I hate those huge blocks on the default view. Sometimes change is hard to get accustomed to but I guess it's inevitable at some point. Will still be coming to N4G to get my daily fix for now.

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@vanity29, that doesn't answer my question why sexulized females in games is just fine and represents artistic freedom, but gay characters are there because they are supporting an agenda.

@Taero, you kinda prove my point. If there are gay characters in games, they should be there for a reason, but sexualized females in games don't need a reason to be that way? How is any sexualized female character important for the game, gameplay, or plot other than just "hey,...

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OK OK, can someone answer me this question.

Whenever it has to do with women being sexualized and it is censored people complain about "artistic freedom"

Then you have a game that has a gay character and people complain that sexuality shouldn't be in games and it's an agenda.

Why is the latter not defended as "artistic freedom"?

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damn, that is sad!

But I don't know what is more sad. The fact that you only chose to DL 2 games, or that your gameplay requirements are so stringent that you couldn't find more games you might enjoy out of 140+ 'free' games.

I mean, what games DO you play?

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I still don't understand why people keep requesting Killzone and Knack for PS+. They are old and you can find them for cheap if you haven't played them already. I personally own and played the crap out of Killzones MP.

I would much prefer new games that I normally wouldn't have tried over old "AAA" games any day.

Besides, it's $4.17/month. It seems weird people can't find $4.17 worth of value out of the 6 'free' games we...

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October is sooooo far away!!!! I need that screen inches from my face, like NOW!

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Well I'm buying one for sure! sucks we have to wait until October though. Why can't the future come today.

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typical kid comment

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Games man, we are gamers right?

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I don't have a problem with people spending their money how they like. The problem is that those purchasing these things are affecting the final product for everyone and it is getting worse.

If you don't see that games are getting slimmer in content on release because of this, then I don't know what to tell ya. I guess thank you for watering down our final product?

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Better to release a working product. How long have there been online multiplayer games. If they can't get it working properly shortly after release, then screw them. It's not like this is a new frontier here.

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That is the single reason I did not buy this game. I bought MK9 on PS3, the one with the big box arcade stick. Go to play online and it was horrible. The MK fan inside me died that day.

There was no way in hell I trusted them to improve it with this game.

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@lemonade, I don't even have a gaming PC, or really care to have one. I just disagreed because that statement sounded douchey.

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The time for this conversation was when Live first started charing for online play. If enough people would have stood up and said we are not paying for it, we wouldn't be in this position.

That time has long past. We are stuck paying for online play now on consoles and they will NEVER give up that revenue stream. I did my part by not supporting Live, but too many willingly supported it. We can all thank MS and their loyal customers for bringing this sickness to consoles....

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Because I already have a PS4, and I'm not building a PC and then buying the device as well. Duh

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Well, did you see it on a screen or while using the HMD?

I imagine actually using the device with the software would make a tremendous difference in perception.

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Dude, you are on N4G trolling all over the place with a superiority complex. If anyone needs Vitamin D here, it is you.

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I would rather have games I never played as opposed to AAA's I most likely own already.

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