CRank: 5Score: 0 again, what are you expecting to happen at E3?

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I mean, what are you expecting? How was this year any different from previous years?

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Never played the first Titanfall as I'm a PS guy, but it did look like a lot of fun. In this trailer, the titans looked really weak however. definitely gonna check out Titanfall 2 though.

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Ascension's MP was crazy fun! It was such a refreshing take on competitive multiplayer and so different from every other game. I would buy a stand alone GoW MP mode like Ascension in a second.

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Love this game!

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Same here. I will buy this version with everything once it goes on sale.

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It kinda makes me think this is a reaction to The Order:1886. People said it was all graphics and no gameplay. So their thinking 'OK, we can do gameplay', and they made this game. It does look kinda fun though.

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I know I'm in the minority but I didn't pick it up because I have been addicted to Paragon. Will buy it later on sale at some point. The beta was fun and I really don't understand people who say it sucks. Why is everything either the best ever or garbage? Both Overwatch and Battleborn can be good games and co-exist.

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Oh no, look out, we got a wiki link.

So I guess Rocket League falls under your AAA umbrella by the definition you posted?
High level of promotion? ...check
High quality game?....check
Year's best seller?....check

Yes, you still have a horrible memory. Sorry your loose definition didn't pan out for you.

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Well you have a horrible memory because we got a $60 retail release game called Tropico less than 30 days ago.

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Every day I lose more faith in gamers.

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You guys are crazy, like for real.

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Killzone MP is crazy fun....if you don't get discouraged easily. There is a learning curve, but if you make it past that hump, it is great. Just don't expect to be a boss right off the bat. I played the hell out of the MP. I played through the SP once. It honestly is an average SP....but totally worth it for $5.

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So can you be considered following the trend of buying CoD because it is the popular thing to do?

You might be a sheep too.....Baaaaaaah

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If "fruits" and "morons" are making this country crumble, then we definitely were never as strong as you presume. So I guess get ready to piss on all the seats because that will make America great again!

You are right this shouldn't be a subject....but you know who is always in all the comments on these types of articles? People like you who make it a big deal like the world is going to collapse because a few people abnormal from yourself need to tin...

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You are full of it, get real.

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Man, the fear you have is real.

Also, pissing on the seat is just another example of you contributing to America being a joke. "If I can't have it my way, I'm gonna ruin it for everyone" typical talk for a fake patriot.

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Aren't you over-reacting just a bit?

You seriously think heterosexual males are going to start putting on dresses and going into female bathrooms to sit next to a female in her stall?? I mean seriously, quit being such a chicken little. Trans people have been using and going to the bathroom in all the damn years before 2016 without a problem.

No dude is going prey on your women and children in a bathroom dressed up as a lady. This is blown so out...

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They just had an open weekend last week. They are planning to do another open weekend this weekend as well. Download it and check it out for free this weekend....if you play on PS4 that is, not sure if the free weekend is on PC also.

I have been playing since they started the founders pack and it is a lot of fun. there is a learning curve however. if you take the time to understand the game, it is crazy fun.

EDIT: sorry, guess you had to sign up for the...

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This game looks awesome. Love the art style. These devs make great games!

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