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At the cost of the Xbox One alone, you could invest in a decent upgrade for your PC. Then you will have the best possible resolution for gaming. #4.1
I already play in 1080p and higher on my PC. So no worries there. #6.1
I would buy the game on PC if it's a multiplatform title. That is what I would do personally. #11.1
No problem. #13.1
Of course, I know the importance of higher resolutions for consoles and their graphical capabilities (this is mentioned in the article itself). I am arguing that games are of a higher degree of importance when it comes to buying a console. If I want to play games at the highest resolution, typically 1080p, I will use my PC rig if the console version is inferior. This is the case with many multiplatform titles I purchase. Matter of fact, I will be buying both the PS4 and the Xbox One for their... #12.1
I'm actually in a third world country, so not really first world. #1.1
Rambo on the NES is a terrible game. #1.1
South Africa. This is how many people from South Africa sound. There is nothing fake about that. #19.1
Nice to see a healthy debate about this. #14
Thanks for all the discussion. It is really interesting to read your feedback. #8
Thanks for educating me. Highly appreciated. #1.1
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Thanks for noting the error. #3.1
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I know Valve just can't come out already and say what's potting with the next Half-Life, or give any indications of what's happening. Not a great way to treat your fans. #1.1
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Well, culture is a factor which defines identity. Therefore if rage quitting is a cultural artifact then following this line of argument it is undeniably connected to being a gamer. A culture is a shared thing, not in isolation. Whether a gamer rage quits or not is not the point. It's that the act of rage quitting is a part of gaming culture, and in process gamers. #2.1
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Hi, this article is part of a series of articles called "What Makes A Gamer" on the eGamer site. Arguably so, rage quitting is still one of the many facets of being a gamer who games. It is part of the experience be it you rage quitting, or some other gamer. #1.1
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PS3 user I take it? #11.1
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Witcher 2 was technically the best RPG of last year. #14
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Thanks for the input. #2
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I hope so. So far it has been released on Steam presently. #2
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Every military shooter nowadays seems to either blame the Russians or some splinter cell group from an anonymous Arabic country. I agree with NitrateZA. #2
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