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amm assuming 360 numbers are shipped and not sold...do you really think sony's reported numbers are any different?

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that p2p laggy excuse is BS... Both XBL and PSN use both peer to peer and dedicated. It depends what game you play. Only a minority of games offer dedicated servers.. like Resistance ..warhawk and some other games.... most psn games lag way worse than xbl

Keep bragging about the flawless Resistance 2 lagless matches ... becasue aside from some games...most of them lag like hell

both live and PSN have games with dedicated servers...games like Left 4 dead,BFME2 and C&...

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is it me or he uses a Farcry 2 pic in one comparison instead of KZ2

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I remember playing the first 6 final fantasy games on nintendo consoles not PS

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@ Deathrow

" You were never around for the PS1 and PS2 era? I mean come on, you know sony are capable of pulling off great things, there will be few gamers that would disagree. "

I'm not here to disagree with anything in your post... only this quote

I was around the ps1 and ps2 ... and they never had tough competition, never lunched a year after competitors like they are doing with a blue ray drive that requires an expensive HDTV during Americas r...

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but the hiphopgamer said it was awesome!!!!

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actually..i don't think it was expected..but still...I'm glad its getting awards because it wasn't overhyped and turned out great

Left 4 Dead rocks

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Left 4 Dead-7/10 -Unknown Website

Resistance 2-6/10- EDGE- Biggest Gaming Mag in UK


Left 4 Dead- 89% - 2008 highest rated exclusive console shooter

Resistance 2- 87%

so yeah..Left 4 Dead ..a game out of nowhere ...took the crown for best FPS 2008

emm sorry Resistance 2

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Take it easy Nasim, we don't wanna loose you in here,I'm reporting this outrageously fake story as fast as i can! lol

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Sure man! ;)

You've got me!!! :( :( :( lol


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Late to the Party?? Just Approved this for Nasim :)

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Magical Price cut?

You Bet!!

Keep it up MS!

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losing a lot of traffic and probably won't be around for much longer???


Don't think so Drake... 25 Most Visited Game Websites- Dec 2008

#8- Kotaku

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Oh thanks for those numbers you made out of your butt...seems pretty accurate to me!!

so if all those tittles sold less than 100k.. then what names should Valkyria (33k) and LBP (140K) get?


@ Pirate Thorn

Sorry if I'm mistaken ... but LBP NOV sales were not tracked by NPD, and it still sold 140 k according to sony ... How did LBP sales exceeded 100 k if it wasn't tracked by NPD?

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Nathan Drake..share with us Banjo Kazooie,Lips,and You're In The Movies Nov sales numbers please..i think you are the only one that knows them

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Poor Nasim!!

IGN the most respected site on the world according to you just killed home!!


bubububu its just a phaseee!!

hahahahahah OWNED!

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Bravo MS

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lol ... of course it sell games! because this is a ps3 only games charts !! haha

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really?? show us

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@kush the Reaper

You don't care what i have to say??
and you expect me to care that what i did was a snitch move?

Obviously you are not my friend and neither is Canadianguy..so i really really really ..don't care

I gave you a disagree and you asked for someone to prove this was wrong

"why don't they come and prove us and the sales numbers wrong since that's all they care about "SALES""

and i did :D <...

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