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everyday I'm hussalin
everyday I'm hussalin
everyday I'm hussalin
everyday I'm hussalin

spamit real hard
spamit spamit real hard

lol get your paper family

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you'd have to be drunk to buy a move controller. Even more to be seen playing with it

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this has more polish

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I think pc would be even more powerful than the ps3 if pc used the cell processor. Pc would be all that and a bag of chips if the cell was used. Could you imagine how easy it would be to run crysis using the cell with it's 7 spus? Use the cell bill gates, please! Ffs

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240 2010-2012 games you've rightfully missed or just plain don't wanna play because you own the worlds best seller halo reach

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re6 better be a horror game with better controls or no buy

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seems unlikely. When mw3 comes it will be the best evar. Black ops is going to shut moh down. May even bankrupt them

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n4g has some of the dumbest people I've seen on any forums

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as gamers we should always opt to give the developers more money while we gamers get less content on disc. We shouldn't be able to take our games to a friends house to enjoy a gaming session, no. Sp lol sp? To hell with sp and gamers who want a true, well thoughtout story. To hell with games being an affordable hobby and artform that true gamers supported back when games were a passion and not just a fashion. I say yes. I'd gladly pay more money to support kotick since he helps the in...

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no I'm nuetral and just cause I use profanity doesn't mean I'm pissed. That's how I talk, detective. I troll and if you think I mean some of those ridiculous comments that I make about both 360 and ps3 then I've trolled you too. You searched my page, my dungeon of retarded statements. I lured you into the core of my trollage. Big win for me. Mission accomplished. On the other hand I do get pissed about the direction the gaming industry is going. Loyalty to a console lol

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all day everyday

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but not waste my money good

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if that's true it bullshit and I won't buy it

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that was stupid. If manufacturing and selling ps3s weren't lucrative they wouldn't do it. Sony doing the 'lose now gain later' move doesn't meant they love you it just means they're smart. You say that hardware cost have gone down but so has ps3 prices. Ok, but the slim is a stripped down version of the fat and the components that remain in the slim from the fat cost less which sony makes profit off of. Buying a ps3 is always helpful to sony. Don't fool yourself

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manufactures build things to break after a certain cycle. Most of them really do but keep believing that manufactures really care about you and love you and that it's not about your money

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kinect doesn't seem to have much momentum. Seems like it failed before it even started. But it will sale because its 360 only option right now as far a motion controls. I think the software and support will be lackluster. I own all three consoles btw so don't give me bullshit about sony fanboyism

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and online kdr stat tracking since they just ruin the real 'just have fun' factor. games people. games.

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but people on n4g are surprisingly dumb

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