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k2d what the F

"Odin is more akin to "The Wise Father", and his peers - ultimatly what good people strived to be like. "
Yeah, if you think murder, stealing, threats, insecst, cheating and destruction/killing of innocents is what good people strived to be like...
But then again.. EVERYONE trust ODIN, when he tells the tale of ragnerok, as he is the only person to have heard it. Now his enamys/oponents think its the truth. Have hope, in the ...

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@ k2d
Odin could be the biggest dicks in the mythos.
the ONLY one, who heard/was told about ragnerok from vølven, was/is Odin.

He could lie? he is a mighthoring dick. He banish Uld to taksdale (woods near vallhalla in asgård), after the other gods made Uld king, while Odin was away.

Now take Loki. He could be the only one REALLY doing odins bidding for a long time. Take the death of Balder. Odin, the allknowing, allseeing god.. doe...

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Thanks to lets plays, i only bought around half the games i wanted to play. Firewatch, Everybody goes to the rapture and alot more.

I would have bought both games if there had not been alot of lets plays. Now i feel i cant get more outoff the games, and have even removed them from my wishlist

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One can only hope

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No regionlock on ps3, makes it posible for me to once more play suikoden 3. importet a ps2 and sukoden 3 in the old days (needed the hddps2 thing for ffXI).

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so planetside 2, LBP3 and Natural Doctrine are indes. and that with the just out, first light.

and.. halo remake .. wow it looks so much better than all them indiegames on the ps4? oh wow. come on. so yeah, ps4 stil rocks THIS years lineup.

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what games? are there more on xbox than ps4? because when i google that, ps4 seems to have more games.. so it should be ps4 where the games are. oh AND the gamers when we look at units sold....

but who cares eh?

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because sweden sucks ;)

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so if you buy games on steam, or have an bravia tv .. does that make a diffrence?
is sony making microsoft exclusives in planetside 2 and everquest?

its about xbox exclusives we cant wait to play. 4 af them are not exclusive to the xbox one...

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yes.. yes it is

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i knew it!! cchum is the voice in my DS4!

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math, do it better eh?

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my two most played games aswell!!

you sir, got great taste in games.

on the topic at hand.
wont get my hopes up..... arrrggh.. will be happy if, it was only a trophy patch for the first game

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suikoden or bust!

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well at the moment you are paing/renting the onlinecomponet on your xbox360games.. they are free on ps3.
on the ps4.. its anothing thing :)

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they are not part of ps+.
they are free2play games for all - even if you DONT have ps+. ps+ is not needed for playing online in free2play games. no paywall there

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wow... abe and dart was going to be in the game?!?! two of my favorits.

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money money money.

and maby somthing about the rights/controll to the IP?

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@Blackdeath_663. where do you get your numbers from. i have looked at many of the qurter results from EA. i only get sims 1 to get over 10 million. not sims 2 or 3. battlefield 2 did not cross 10. 3 did - if you count cross different platforms - making it a bid less impressiv. the same with minecraft.

half life 2.. the only numbers i can find, dosent put it anyway near 10 million..
so..where do you get your numbers?

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if you get your tablet before 30/6-13, then yes

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