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"Meyah, see?"


LOL. I like how someone disagrees that you love the internet. "I disagree. I believe he really hates the internet. He's just making up fabrications about loving it." #7.1
I agree. '95 is fantastic. Plus, with the amazing net code that comes with the NeoGeo Station, the online is incredible. Although, I do have to say, I really wish the giant roster of KoF '98 was in here. #1.1
Why are people getting so upset up over this? It's a joke article. #5
Hmmm...can't take a joke. #1.1.2
That was very humorous. #2
My problem is not the fact that Capcom is making UMvC3, you can choose not to buy that game, it's the fact that they are going to completely stop support for the first game only 8 months after release. That's just bad business. This isn't 1994 where if you wanted to make fixes, you had to release a new arcade cabinet. The internet and title updates are there for that exact reason.

They promised us DLC characters. We got 2 of them that were disc unlocks.
... #15
God, I love Gamerdeals. Seems like everytime I get a good deal on a game, I got the tip from them. #3
Sounds like a sweet deal to me. I'm picking one up right now. #4
I doubt it will get that much hype. Of course they will push the game, but they don't ever really over do it. At least with Uncharted. #9
I really hate bad customer service. The bad thing is, you'll get it more times than none. Also, Turtle Beach FTW! LOL. #1
I don't see how Duke Nukem Forever was a flop...last time I checked, it was #2 on the NPD's. #28
Great review. I may need to pick this up. #1
I'm gonna go cry now. #3.1.2
Aaaannnnd no one can take a joke. Glad to see all is fine in the world. #3
Bogart WAS in The Maltese Falcon... #4.1
I'm not bashing Nintendo. Don't get me wrong, there were some fantastic games on the Wii. The only problem is I really don't enjoy playing my games with motion control. I believe I would have had a better time with Super Mario Galaxy with a standard control scheme than with the Wii remote and nunchuk. Nintendo has some great things going for them, but if they keep trying to be innovative with their controls, they will end up losing the hardcore market if they haven't already.... #4.1
I couldn’t agree more. I can't wait for this game. It's like they took how I played the game and built it around me. It's almost an action RPG now. LOVE IT! #8
It is not on Steam. It's only avalible on his website: #7.1
While I agree with you on most points, I will have to disagree with you on the thought process that a 7 is average. ZTGD scales a 7 as a "Good" game. A 7.9- 6.0 is considered an above average game. It still boggles my mind that some people(not saying this is you) think that when you give a 7.0, you're scoring it badly. Again, this is just my opinion, and like the saying goes: Opinions are like asses… #7.2
What does that mean? The writers at this site play every game they review to it's full potential. They give their honest opinions about the games and check their bias at the door. #5.1
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