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Reverse MONEYHAT! #1.1.1
For real. I work for the website and I'm about to boycott it... #1.2
LOL. Yeah. I swapped out characters too many times with no mana because I forgot to drop it. #2.1
Why would someone disagree on that comment? Show yourself! #3.2
Although, I do have to say, the collector's edition hardcover guide is rather sexy. The collector in me is crying for it. #4.1
I do highly suggest Using either GameFAQ's or the offcial Wiki for the game. They both offer up just as much content and help as the guide does all for free. #4
I have no respect for someone who throws out the word "faggot" every 5 seconds. Grow up, you child. #68
I'm sorry jamstorr86, but I believe I win. Because I'll be playing Dark Souls way before Battlefield releases. You lose I win. I feel sorry for the people who don't enjoy Dark Souls. #2.1.3
Why put out an old build? All it's done is hurt the possible sales of the full game. I know of at least 6 people whgo cancelled their pre-order after playing the "old build beta." #4.2.2
I think calling this a "BETA" is very misleading. How much can you get fixed in 2 and a half weeks? This was a stress test for the servers and that's it. They may as well have called this Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Demo, and be done with it. Everyone wants to bring up Call of Duty Vs. Battlefield. I'm not getting either one. You've played one military shooter, you've played them all. #4
We got Mike(PaladinXII) over at doing 24 hours as well. Great fun for a great cause. #10
For Christ's sake. Who gives a crap about the graphics of the game?! It's about the gameplay. If the gameplay is good, I couldn't careless what the game looks like. Hell, look at Minecraft. #72
I'll give you that. I guess I just walked into the right spot and saw it. The GPS has failed me numerous times so far, but damn, I can't help but love the game. #6.1.1
If he would have walked a little farther into the garage, he would have seen where he needed to drop the juice boxes...Think, McFly, think. Also, I take it this guy never played Fallout: New Vegas. #6
What an idiot. Why are you on N4G? Get off this legitimate website that never has misleading titles, and never has any fanboy flame wars. #8
What, pray tell, would make it a "non-standard" review? #2.1
LOL! I like the way you think, bro! You wanna hit up the new zombie map? I got a ton of Mountain Dew and the new Rise Against album to frag to! GamerTag:Sup3rN0Scop3s_420 #1.2
LOL. Nice one. #6.1
I love all out comments, even if they're bad. That means they're at least reading out stuff. A person's biggest fan are the ones that hate him the most. #3.1.2
Well that's not nice. I write better than this guy. ;) #3.1
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