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"Meyah, see?"


This game was greatly improved. The first game was a chore for me to play, but I actually enjoyed playing mk2. #1.1
That, and maybe Pokemon Black and White 2. If you're into Pokemon, that is. #1.1
I agree with this statement, and I even wrote the review.

I have to link the actual video that spawned my favorite line ever: #1.1
Wait, a 7 out of 10?! You hated the game THAT bad? That's like the worst score you could give it. You know, because there's only 10,9,8, and 7 on the review chart... #3
I disagree. He just hated the game and that's why he gave it a FUCKING 9.7!!!! My God, you people, grow the hell up. Jesus Christ. You all act like a bunch of spoiled children. #1.1.1
It's VERY accessible. It does a good job of showing you the ropes. #1.1
No. The reviewer is wrong. I personally know he was paid to write the review. Moneyhats all around. He just bought himself a brand new pool to go along with his EA Games Jacuzzi. I'm quitting the website now because I have lost faith in ZTGD. #1.1.1
@NuclearDuke And that's why I trust indie sites more than the big wigs. We are some of the last enthusiast sites that actually enjoy playing games rather than doing it for a living. If a game sucks, I'll tell you it sucks. #1.2.3
Sometimes you want to get a feel for what a game has to offer before shelling out $60 on it. I'm not rich. #1.2.1
You know they will. 7.8 means "Good" but people will only see "Not an 8.5 or higher. It must suck." #1.1
More like Cars that Control Like Crap V(Five) FTW. #1.3
Reverse MONEYHAT! #1.1.1
For real. I work for the website and I'm about to boycott it... #1.2
LOL. Yeah. I swapped out characters too many times with no mana because I forgot to drop it. #2.1
Why would someone disagree on that comment? Show yourself! #3.2
Although, I do have to say, the collector's edition hardcover guide is rather sexy. The collector in me is crying for it. #4.1
I do highly suggest Using either GameFAQ's or the offcial Wiki for the game. They both offer up just as much content and help as the guide does all for free. #4
I have no respect for someone who throws out the word "faggot" every 5 seconds. Grow up, you child. #68
I'm sorry jamstorr86, but I believe I win. Because I'll be playing Dark Souls way before Battlefield releases. You lose I win. I feel sorry for the people who don't enjoy Dark Souls. #2.1.3
Why put out an old build? All it's done is hurt the possible sales of the full game. I know of at least 6 people whgo cancelled their pre-order after playing the "old build beta." #4.2.2
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