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"Meyah, see?"


@Blastoise So, what would you give the game instead? #1.1.4
Exactly, Jabberwocky. 10 out of 10 doesn't mean perfect. For, a 10 means:

"This honor only goes to games that we feel will be remembered for years to come. It is a prime example of superior game design. This is a title that everyone should play as it defines what it means to be a gamer." #1.1.2
Yep. P. Walter Tugnut lives in an RV, drinks a ton of beer, loves guns, and enjoys shooting stuff. #2.1
It's definitely still a quest dungeon game that requires some level grinding. Everything just feels more streamlined in Mk2. The story, combat, and exploration all flow really well. The goofy humor is back as well. Pretty much what you would expect from something NIS would publish. #1.1.2
This game was greatly improved. The first game was a chore for me to play, but I actually enjoyed playing mk2. #1.1
That, and maybe Pokemon Black and White 2. If you're into Pokemon, that is. #1.1
I agree with this statement, and I even wrote the review.

I have to link the actual video that spawned my favorite line ever: #1.1
Wait, a 7 out of 10?! You hated the game THAT bad? That's like the worst score you could give it. You know, because there's only 10,9,8, and 7 on the review chart... #3
I disagree. He just hated the game and that's why he gave it a FUCKING 9.7!!!! My God, you people, grow the hell up. Jesus Christ. You all act like a bunch of spoiled children. #1.1.1
It's VERY accessible. It does a good job of showing you the ropes. #1.1
No. The reviewer is wrong. I personally know he was paid to write the review. Moneyhats all around. He just bought himself a brand new pool to go along with his EA Games Jacuzzi. I'm quitting the website now because I have lost faith in ZTGD. #1.1.1
@NuclearDuke And that's why I trust indie sites more than the big wigs. We are some of the last enthusiast sites that actually enjoy playing games rather than doing it for a living. If a game sucks, I'll tell you it sucks. #1.2.3
Sometimes you want to get a feel for what a game has to offer before shelling out $60 on it. I'm not rich. #1.2.1
You know they will. 7.8 means "Good" but people will only see "Not an 8.5 or higher. It must suck." #1.1
More like Cars that Control Like Crap V(Five) FTW. #1.3
Reverse MONEYHAT! #1.1.1
For real. I work for the website and I'm about to boycott it... #1.2
LOL. Yeah. I swapped out characters too many times with no mana because I forgot to drop it. #2.1
Why would someone disagree on that comment? Show yourself! #3.2
Although, I do have to say, the collector's edition hardcover guide is rather sexy. The collector in me is crying for it. #4.1
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