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I will make sure to bring it up next week. #1.1.2
Well, thank you very much. #1.1
I agree with you in some aspects, but the fact of the matter is, this is business. The reason why game companies make games is to generate profits. The unfortunate fact is this little hobby of ours has turned into a giant, money making machine. It used to be all about the passion of making a fun, well told game, but that is not the case anymore.

Video game players have to be smart and collective when it comes to buying things, particularly things they really don't agree... #6.1.2
Most people hate micro-transactions. So if most players don't support it, companies will say "Well, I guess this micro-transaction stuff really isn't working out." and they will stop doing it. I've been saying vote will your dollars for years now. It still holds true. Will I pick up Dead Space 3 when it hits? Absolutely. Will I buy one single piece of DLC for it? Hell no. #1.1.4
Must be the way I said it...I'm good like that. #1.1.2
It's easy to not get scammed. Don't buy the micro-transactions. Problem solved. #1.1
This has "Top story on main page" wrote all over it. #2
Cool story, bro. #1.1
It's a story-driven game. Why would you want to skip the main part of the game? Yes, it is a little long-winded, but the game has a lot of heart. #1.1
I may be able to swing the kill-streaks, but the dedicated servers will cost some money. We're not EA, you know. ;) #1.1.2
Hey thanks! Do you have any ideas on how we can improve? #1.1
I love how straightforward the game is. It never got confusing and kept me invested the entire time. And yes, the soundtrack is one of the best this generation. #5
It is a very unique game. There's some things in this game I have never seen before. #1.1
October 16th in North America. #2.1
It never went anywhere... #1.1
"It's happening! Joey from Rockstar tech support said so!" My ex-landlord said GTA6 was in development too. Truth! #21
It's never explained. Hey, if FF8 was really meant to mean this, I tip my hat to them. #6.1.1
Final Fantasy VIII explained. #6
I have pretty much become numb to any type of "horrific" acts that happen in video games. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I'm numb to real acts of violence and torture, but in a game, it doesn't bother me. At least anymore. #30
Thony Hawk....I'm an idiot. #1
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