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"Meyah, see?"


Thanks for trying us out. Let me know what you think of our show. #1.1
Man, you've already played it? That was fast. #1.1
October 8th for North America. We just got our review out a little early for you guys. #1.1
Hey, different stokes, man. #1.1
@ Free(Android) 10-10. #2.1
Hey, thanks for the compliment. #1.1
Make sure to get that extra life from Mrs. Beakly in each level. She's hidden in there somewhere. That will help you out. #1.2
Hey, thanks for listening. #1.1
Perfect. #1.1
Who cares what the Metacritic score is? Just play the game. #3
Cool story, bro. #1.1
Yeah. I'm having a good time with it too. Sure, I may make fun of the dialog every once in a while, but it is a product of its time. Still, it is one solid RPG. #3
How to get hits 101: Use "overrated" in the title and use Uncharted as the picture. #99
Same for me. Now that they are explaining things and answering some questions, I'm really getting into it. #3
Nothin'. #1.1.2
Hey thanks for your support! We really appreciate you taking the time to click on our post and leave us a comment. Hope you have a great day! #1.1
Yes it is. $9.99. #4.1
Yes, because we totally mention race during the podcast. Thanks for listening, though! #1.1
I will make sure to bring it up next week. #1.1.2
Well, thank you very much. #1.1
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