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"Game Reviewer and Community Manager for"


Yeah, yeah. My bad. I was just trying to write up something quick. I forgot my deadline. #2.1.2
Hey, I never said I was a good writer.

Also, my E-I-C was supposed to check for this. #2.1
Hey, Spider-Man 2 was pretty great. Those swing mechanics, man. #5.1
I'm only talking about games I actually played on the PS2. I played Sly in the collection on the PS3. On "R" I didn't put RE4 on it because I played it on GameCube. I'm nitpicky like that. There's a ton I missed, but I can only choose 5. LOL #1.1
I think people have forgotten that a 5.5 is a slightly above average game. #1.1
Snap. LOL. Don't worry, my Sword Art Online review is coming next week. There's you a mediocre game. ;) #1.1.8
Yeah. They should have let Drew review it. #1.1.2
Thank you. 9 years we've been doing this. #1.1
Thanks! It's been one heck of a ride. #2.1
Kojima will find a way. We get into it closer to the end of the show, but I have some theories for MGSV. #1.1
We actually covered Parasite Eve a few months ago on ZTGD's Phoenix Down podcast if you're ever interested. #1.1
Sorry you didn't like it, man. #1.1
I hope you enjoy. I found it to be very fun. #1.1
I have to agree. It does look like the writer was "payed" by Capcom to write a more harsh review of Freedom Force. It makes sense you you sit back and think about it. #1.1
Thank you. I appreciate it. #1.1
Why is that? #2.1
We started back in 2006.
Here's a full list of every episode. #1.2
Don't give this clicks. That's what he wants. #52
That is a lie. I want a DNA test. #2.1
@CrashJones Hey, thanks for listening! We really appreciate it. #1.1.4
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