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"Meyah, see?"


Sorry you didn't like it, man. #1.1
I hope you enjoy. I found it to be very fun. #1.1
I have to agree. It does look like the writer was "payed" by Capcom to write a more harsh review of Freedom Force. It makes sense you you sit back and think about it. #1.1
Thank you. I appreciate it. #1.1
Why is that? #2.1
We started back in 2006.
Here's a full list of every episode. #1.2
Don't give this clicks. That's what he wants. #52
That is a lie. I want a DNA test. #2.1
@CrashJones Hey, thanks for listening! We really appreciate it. #1.1.4
ZTGD is the editorial arm of N4G. We write the reviews and original articles in association with N4G. Ken (ZeroTolerance) is an Admin for N4G and he's the owner of ZTGD.

I just write for ZTGD and am the Community Manager as well as host multiple podcasts for the site. #1.1.3
I am not a mod here, but I have been a user for a very long time. I'm Drew on the show. May be better to see us on Twitter. I'm @DMLFury there. #1.1
The PS3 version is still a fun game to play at home too. Plus, you can play co-op with your friends who are at work on their Vitas. #1.1
They are yours. #2.1
Yeah, that show took me by surprise. I'm really enjoying it. #1.1
He should take a nice long listen to the Nier soundtrack. #2
If you say so. They're owned by Amazon now. They have no time for KI anymore. ;) #1.1.1
Unfortunately, I can't help you. We just host the podcast for N4G. You may have to direct your question to an N4G official. #1.1.2
Are you talking about for or #1.1
That's correct. The creative director of the Yakuza series developed this. You can kinda feel it a bit while playing. Certain small touches remind me of it. #1.1.2
The game is really fun and the story was actually deeper than I expected. #1.1
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