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He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but that's where the entitlement ends. Bioware doesn't owe him anything. To be honest, if I was running Bioware, my Extended Cut would've been me giving the middle finger to all of the entitled little babies that get all bent out of shape over a damn video game. It's about the journey, and Mass Effect offered one of the best ever released, despite a few disappointments along the way. To be honest, he's full of crap anyway. An...

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To me, this is just being petty. Sure, I'd like for it to automatically install my background downloads but it's hardly an inconvenience. "Oh, no, I had to wait 42 more seconds for my download to install. How dare them!" This is just being whiny, especially since it's been that way for years and this article is just now bringing it up. Most of the talk is what features the next gen will have, not the petty things this generation didn't. Must be a slow news day f...

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I wonder if it would be better to just not open the chest when you find it (assuming you can return to it). If the loot in the chest is based upon your level wouldn't it make sense to hold off on opening it until you really need some potent loot?

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Well said. The 4-player co-op on the first game was great. I'm looking forward to a massive co-op battle vs Terramorphous the Invincible(this game's Crawmerax?).

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