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Hi Klecser,

I think you make a very valid point, however I would argue that I should be in Nintendo's target demographic. Currently the demographic that they are marketing to are primarily the audience who already owns the product which is why their audience is stagnating. Its the equivalent of a door salesman selling doors, door-to-door.

I would agree that Nintendo don't need to conform to what other companies are doing and they should maintain their... #5.1
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Nothing to feel weird about, its completely natural! Trust me it's worth the wait! #2
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Episode 1 of the Naughty Dog InRetroSpect podcast series includes a fascinating in-depth interview with Jason Rubin, co-founder of Naughty Dog and can be found here: #13
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The first show will be out 12:00 GMT on Monday 2nd of September, if you subscribe to InRetroSpect Podcast on iTunes it will download automatically, minimum effort, maximum Naughty Dog goodness!! #11
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We agree, we are really excited to be putting this special together and especially excited to have such a great special guest! Keep an eye on the InRetroSpect Podcast Website for all the shows. #3
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