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Right. I'm sure that works great for the following male groups:

Poor men,
Wheelchair bound men,
Ugly men,
Obese men,
Socially awkward men,
Men in rural communities,
Men who don't give a fuck about dating.


I could go on...

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The PS4 only has to render the image once. The external box takes the rendered frame and interpolates it to make a slightly different frame for the other eye. VR games will be designed so that this method doesn't feel fake like it does with 3D TV.

I suspect that's the reason people are disagreeing with you.

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Same. It has this grave look of a world that's been savaged by 2 long and brutal wars. The new one looks comparatively clean and bright which IMO is a mistake.

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On the one hand you have actors like Willem Dafoe in games.

On the other hand you have "actors" like Jessica Chobot in games.

Which is better?

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Mods on N4G. Lol.

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Lol. That's all I need to say about your comment.

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These need to be hit badly in the next banlist.

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Nice to see a dev treating it's customers like adults.

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@Convas. True as that may be, I'd suggest you don't do stupid things with your money. Things like buying drugs, porn or an Xbox One.

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That's a sticker.

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It's a shame that real boobs have to get saggy. I love big boobs but hate stretch-marks.

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All of my yes. Fantastic article if perhaps a bit too long.

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List needs more Knack.

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Your face got cancelled.

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I love how the colours are the same as the face buttons.

X is blue O is red Δ is green and □ is pink (I think).

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If there isn't a unique subtitle track for the Japanese audio then It's basically pointless.

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For all clamouring for an English release.

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Retexturing >>>> Upscaling.

If this is an indication I'll be very happy with FFX HD even though I played it on PC recently. I could play that game another 10 times easily.

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He meant to say API's and he's right. In practical terms consoles are around 60% more efficient than PC's for gaming.

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Rupert Murdock is Australian.

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