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Better games with a superior nextgen API....the future of gaming is here. #54
Hey guys, isn't this wonderful thexbox one and dxa12 is Brads favorite console of choice......awesome. If one top dev chooses xb1 and DX-12 the others will follow this is a beautifl thing. #52
Can't see how this is the best game with graphics and visuals. It has massive texture pop up and draw ins with terrible draw distances. #30
This could be ready for the holiday 2015 with GEOW 4 coming in 2016. #33
More lies and FUD from the folks on the other side. Nothing but hearsay with no real proof. #49
Most like yes to test Ubisofts Cloud servers. #9.1
For those who don't know the xb1 is the lead platform for The Division. #8
Once again more lies and Fud from the folks on the other side. Devs haven't publicly came out and said what the final resolution is. #56
Once again more lies and FUD from the folks on the other side.. The devs already confirmed 1080p for xb1 . #38
You're not suPpose to fix faulty prodUcts when it's under warranty send it back to the manufacturer. #10
HEy guys isN't it wonderful that the devs are working closely with Microsoft getting the best graphics performance out of the xb1.......awesome stuff. #29
Microft womn de3 by a landslide it was no contest. #60
Lmao....wishful thinking #58
AwesomE news hope we get a tease or announcement e3. Keep the AAA exclusives coming Microsoft. #11
It is rumored that their will be some type of announcement for the Xbox one. my guess that it will be dedicated servers. #58
Kinect is awesome.....thhose that hate on it don't even own an x1 and reads nothing but lies and fud on the internet. When Kinect had games on the x360 everyone says it was a joke. Now it doesn't have as many games and folks still hate on it.
Cortana voice assistant is coming to Kinect.
Smmart Home app coming.
AR Glasses coming that works with Kinect.
All these things it has over the competition camera it's laughable. #2
Money talks. #22
These type of comments and responses are expected from you fols on the other side. #7.1.1
Microsoft doesn't have a large over head to pay out to manufacturers like the competition. They have their own silicon and fab facilities to do this work and they don't have to pay third party. Last time i checked the xbox division has made profits year after year. The Forbes article was nothing but FUD. First of all once the product is shipped to retailers they get paid for it. The xbox one has the highest software attachment ratio as stated by NPD. Software has a much higher gross p... #7
They are pandering to an audience for website hits. Articles like these are blocked on most gaming sites. #18.1
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