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Savage Starlight.

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It's just smoke and mirrors.

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Has anyone visited David Hayter's website? Can anyone confirm if this mysterious video was posted recently?

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Come on, folks. It's Kojima we're talking about here. This is all just an elaborate ruse.

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Beat me to the punch.

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You're basing this off the assumption that all consumers pay their bills on time. A deal like this might attract those who don't make a steady living. For any company, that's a liability.

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Sound effects are also another indicator that this is Metal Gear Solid-related.

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Why am I visually reminded of Sega Genesis when I see this? It just looks so... shabby. Cosmetically, this is unsettling.

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Chuck Norris would fit the mold for my tastes the most. It's a shame he isn't 20 or so years younger.

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It isn't rude. I simply don't understand what it is your saying, which furthermore leads me to wonder what the hell public schooling is teaching children these days.

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Hopefully all of this recent coverage will compel Square to reveal more information. Versus and Metal Gear were my primary reasons for purchasing a PS3. I'd like to see this confirmed or denied by Square in the very near future.

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That article was literally four sentences in length.

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Is it rational to deprive your customers of a product they furiously demand? That's like going to a 5-star restaurant that only allows you to look on hopelessly at the menu. Square Enix is shooting themselves in the foot.

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I think the ending to MGS4 was inconclusive and leaves plenty of room for speculation. We are quick to forget this new strain of FOXDIE, which counteracts the old virus. Moreover, he asks Big Boss in the very end "will I... die?" to which Big Boss gives no reply, as if to imply that Snake's fate is uncertain. In my eyes, there is potential for a post-MGS4 Snake. Correct me if I'm wrong. That's just what I recall from the final scene.

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What about the ending to Metal Gear Solid 3? How could that not dishearten anyone? It's where Big Boss learns the genuine meaning of betrayal.

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Stop whining.

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In reference to the 360, the developer said, "I think the memory limits were the biggest problem."

In reference to the lack of development for the PS3, the developer said, "our team isn't that large - we can't focus on three platforms at once."

So, what exactly are you arguing here?

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To address the question of why XIII-2 appears less visually-striking than XIII, I have one intelligible answer -- the hard work and effort has been channeled toward the behemoth -- Versus XIII.

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