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LOL, good then he should admit that he will never make another movie EVER! #13
Seriously do we have moderators on this site? I mean do they read this garbage that comes through their site? If this came across my desk. This would be quickly thrown in the shredder. I don't care if this is an opinion piece or not.

This lame idea of the writer is that of a middle school mentality. I got to play through the Alpha and found the game to be very addictive and look forward to playing more of it.

Karma's a bitch. What you wish on others... #90
Microsoft presentation was one game after another. For me I was excited to hear about Halo because I never played the games because I have had a playstaion for so long.

I am going to see about buying a Xbox one this year.

Sony had games that people knew about. But they went on a 10 to 15 minute talking spree with the new CEO Layden about statistics which I swear was boring as hell. I don't care about how many people press the share button on the PS4 contr... #114.1
You know what surprises me about Sony fanboys. Last year Microsoft spent time talking about multimedia bs. Microsoft gets ridicule for it. This year Microsoft focus on showing games and nothing more. No tv gimmicks or extra media bs.

Yet Sony can spend time on statistics and tv media bs and they did good. Sony did the opposite of what they did last year. Whereas Microsoft does the opposite of what they did last year.

Phil Spencer was very humble talking about... #111
I have to say Microsoft did a real good job this year. They said they were going to focus on games and that's what they did. Sony started off good but than it went into a boring direction about statistics that really can be shared on a blog. Plus the new guy Layden spent too much time talking. #90
duh #1.2
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Not going to happen. Gabe Newell just informed me to tell you that you all should forget it! #13
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Well if they do another Mass Effect trilogy, all I hope is that learn from their last endeavor. The ending to Mass Effect 3 was a debacle. It is really hard for me to playthrough to the ending because the ending makes me sick!

Mass Effect 1 had a good ending, Mass Effect 2 had a epic ending, Mass Effect 3 had a ending to make your bowels into world war 4!

Those who said the ending was good, all I can say "is good for you hoorah!" #8
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I though the first game was great on PS3. It is too bad that others didn't think so. #5
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why can't they just announce this would be multiplatform. #4
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well Sorry that your Sony fanboyism is blinding you to such things. You are making a big thing over nothing. I just said they need to work on the AI. I wasn't saying the game looked bad. #12.1.2
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I think from what I saw from the demo, they need the extra time to work out the bugs.

The game looks great but, I feel they need to work on the AI. #12
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First of all I am not a kid. Probably older than some of the users on this forums. Also aren't you guys trolling your negative garbage in these comments.

I could give two shits on what you motherfuckers think! I thought the game was good and looks like many other people did too. So shut the fuck up! #4.4.1
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Well let's just be happy that popularity doesn't discourage people for doing what they love. Well you can hate it but the game is coming out next week and there will be other fans who will enjoy it! Also I am not in the UK so why would I care about your statistics? #4.2.1
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Well it is nice that they listened to the fans of the series and not complainers like you. I am a consumer and not part of your hate wagon. #1.1
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The series is Great! I am looking for it since I got the CE coming. You can hate all you freaking want. But no one is listening to your complaints! Plus the people complaining on the internet are a minority. Bye Bye #4
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I love how people just pull numbers out of their ass, like it should mean something. Sorry I didn't bother clicking the link because I knew it was another Xbox fanAss article that seem to be nothing more than desperate attempt to make the Xbox One to look promising. N4G should really clean up the fanboyism on this site. It is somewhat tiresome seeing halfass researched opinion pieces. #44
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it appears you don't know or seen a lot of Japanese girls naked. They are not flat-chested as you suspect! #12.2
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I have to admit that her character looks BADASS. Almost, "Like you can look but touch me and you will get your head blown off" kind of look! #13
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There is no point of associating with people who spew up negative garbage. Like any of you can make a game. Oh well have fun hating! #5
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