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Microsoft doesn't own the Tomb Raider franchise. They just helped with publishing. So it isn't a first party game. Since it will be release on PS4 and PS3 in a year.

Microsoft doesn't own the rights to Tomb Raider. They just bribed SE and CD for exclusivity with a truckfull of money. That is all!

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I agree with you that it was a BAD Business deal. It has nothing to do with console wars. The fact is that I have purchase every other game on PS which way back in the day it was well know for being both on pc and ps before Xbox even entered the race.

So Square and CD are telling me that because Microsoft was able to give them millions of dollars upfront that it's called a good relationship. But fans that have been giving them money for 18 years wasn't good enough rel...

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Well they shouldn't of done the deal in the first place. It shows that they really don't care about their fanbase which also includes those who purchased the previous games on PC and PS. I don't care if their sells aren't doing well enough. That's what happens when you become greedy and say FU to all your fans.

Long time ago on their blog they said Playstation owners can still play the first game and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris but nope they can...

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I lost Cait after sending her to a settlement after picking up Strong and I never saw her again. Tried going back to the Zone where I met up with her but no luck she must of fell off the map?

They need some type of radio walkie talkie that you can call your companions to your location.

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If you read the website it says Outside So that will entail anything outside the Xbox so you would have an PS exclusive like The Last of Us.

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Great! No respect to Stefanie Joosten. Really you guys are pathetic:(

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"You're pretty good"

Very impressive work. Now back to MGS 5:)

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One of the reasons I don't play the game anymore was that the story was so lackluster that it just made me unmotivated to suffer the grinding that this game has.

They should of called the game Grinder.

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Here I thought they were going to inject a story after a long year wait.

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This is why Gamers need to limit their gaming hobbies. They become obsessed over pixels. When they can go out their front door and look for a real girl.

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I love how everyone loves to speculate about shit that they don't have any facts on. Blaming Konami or Kojima. Every person on here jumps on the same bandwagon.

Who cares if stuff was cut. Who cares if they may sell it as dlc. If you are too cheap than get another hobby and stop bitching like a bum.

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I should stop coming to game sites all together. People complain too much. I don't care if you didn't like the game or thought it was disappointing.

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So some reason when I tried to click on the link I got a big red page saying that attackers on N4G may install malware on my computer.

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I agree on the whole Quiet thing. I am on my second playthrough and now plan on locking her missions out so I can replay all the missions with her.Story wise it makes sense to have her disappear but to totally remove her from your buddy list is a stupid move. Now they may have dlc that brings her back in the future within the story but that won't be any time soon I expect if at all.

would like a NG+ option. I would have like to play a second time but without having to upgra...

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Not to rain on anyone's parade here. But the fact that Konami is pulling all this BS with Kojima. What is to say that we get the waterdown version of the game?

I mean I think people need to wait after the game is out. I mean it isn't like Kojima is really backing up the game like he once did. I mean he could of decided to pull stuff out of the game to say FU Konami and when they (Konami) realizes that the game isn't up to par than they can blame themselves for tre...

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I only click on the article because I thought the author had more pictures of Quiet to show off.

She looks great and I really hope they use her well within the story.

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Pretty horrible.

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I just finished the episode about 30 minutes ago and I have to say I am still speechless on how much they left it on a cliffhanger.

Now the wait for another two months to see how it ends is going to seem like a decade.

I came across maybe one audio bug in the game. Nothing breaking and I think near the end that some of the character models looks a bit weird even with the art direction they have in the game.

Overall a great episodic game. I wo...

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Let me say this in retrospect. If Tomb Raider was a new franchise and Microsoft paid for this exclusive, I would care less about this deal. But Tomb Raider is not a new franchise.

You have millions of fans both on PC and Playstation that have supported the franchise since it started. Plus Tomb Raider has been mostly a multiplatform game.

I mean a lot of gamers who purchased Tomb Raider on PS3 also got the PS4 version of the same game. Plus all the other games...

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I was disappointed last year with the Gamescom announcement about it being exclusive. I mean I still feel it was a bad move on SE and CD part to take the money over their long term fans. A bit slap to fans who have supported the franchise for 18 years just to be told that they are not able to get the game on their platform of choice.

To me I think CD needs to apologize to their fans because they were greedy and didn't really care about their fans on making this decision. ...

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