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As a future ps4 gamer i don't give a damn what other people buy. Just have fun being watched by the NSA. all i can say #97
All the things i heard about the new xbox so far are negative, not a problem for me. PC+ ps4 ftw. #59
Pretty nice of them, i saw the message in my Hotmail I was like "wtf" pretty unexpected in a good way :) #34
Lol i don't get why this is news. #128
(Not in any order)
2.Cheap kills
3.Lag (seeing someone first but he kills you and than when you look at his point of view in the killcam it looks like he saw you saw before you did)
4.I always hated Snipers and that's in every game but epically in COD , While im actually playing and trying to find enemies , you got other people camping in rooms with their freaking bouncing Betty just sniping there. I wish they had a sniper only lobby so i won'... #3
There is aim assist for almost every console FPS.... #2.1
Could care less , all i want is the CD so i can stick it in and play , if they would give me only the CD itself for half the price I'd buy it. #31
Its the start of a new year , what did you expect ? #1.4
No. #1
No way im buying it if it happens, and if all consoles were to do that i would only game on PC and abandon consoles , because im not spending one penny for some shit like that. #96
PC only users ... Don't get too exited :] #10
For me in order
1.GTA 5
2.Beyond two souls
3.the last of us dogs
5.Battlefield 4
6.Arma 3
7.crysis 3
9.God of war
10.The walking dead #7
I don't like this.. i rather have one shitty basketball game and one very good one. More competition = better games. #2
battlefield 4 is coming out , you have bad taste when it comes to fps... how could you "meh" those games? #1.9
I see what you did there >_> #1.1.6
I had my ps2 until 2010 , i only got my first 3rd gen at 2010, and i think the same thing is gonna happen with the next gen. No way im spending 600+games+controllers+accessor ies! #44
Doesn't look that bad , they just showed the slow parts. #60
GTA San Andreas was the best ps2 game of all time. #21
The 3 games that ps3 have makes up for any other exclusives thats coming out. #15
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